1. I was sure it was going to be on Florida.

    I once saw Gene Simmons, of KISS, lube wrestle 2 strippers. All was good till they tried to get out of the ring and realized the floor was now covered in lube too (“splash zone”). Gene’s almost face-planted.

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    • Very good! I never liked Gene Simmons, he seems to be an alcoholic arsehole and is on the warpath against his felllow band members. And now he’s nothing but a meaniepooface old fat fart.

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      • Yeah… he was a already an old fart when I saw him… roughly 10yrs ago. I didn’t care for him before the event (it was a surprise at a club I freqiented) but he had a lot if fun with it and I gained some respect.

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  2. LMAO!! I thought it would be Florida too! They had topless check cashing and car washes when I was living on the island in West Palm Beach designing robotics for Yacht manufacturing. I had a nightclub owner con me into being the first guy to oil wrestle the crew he had in house. Everyone was afraid lol! I went ahead and had fun with it. I was in my 20’s back then, so it was just hilarious.

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