Do I Get Infected with COVID-19 When I …


… jump in the pool at my local gym?

Guys, I really have no idea if water can transfer the virus. But I wanna go swimming like every Saturday morning. Hmmm, I guess we hardly have any infected peeps out here, and as shown in previous posts nobody but some virtue signalling foodstores seem to even know or care about the Coronavirus.

And the Brits, of all people, are most honest about the virus and the timeframe we might have to deal with isolation:

Of all the propaganda stations, the Beeb knows their own PM is a fukn liar!

So, back to me and my desire to jump into a pool. It’s nice, it’s cool, it’s part of my fitness regime. Particularly now before it becomes too brrrr cold during the winter months. But why play with fire if I don’t wanna end up like this:


Italian hospital’s COVID-19 station looks like scenes from a bad sci-fi movie. Thx for the linkage, Fefe.

So for now, I guess I’ll do my usual Saturday splash, followed by a big shopping haul, so hubby and me can lock ourselves away without going hungry and thirsty … or running out of bog rolls, for quite some time.

Yesyes, and filling up the tank for … no idea. Just in case of things going bad and we need to make a mad dash to the desert or sumfink. 😐

Oh shit, we’re turning into preppers! 😮

A new study has found that a greater number of Americans have become 'doomsday preppers' who stockpile food, medicine, and arms in anticipation of disaster (stock image)

Where’s my gun?

Need that shit to shoot the virus when it jumps at me.

You guys and your loved ones and family stay healthy, ok?





      • But – much more shocking and unbelievable – pubs are closed? WTactualF??? Where will people go during lockdown? Were will they get food and drink? I know the pub is for most Brits their second lounge, and for some it’s their first. This really sounds like the end times now. Apubcalypse. 😮
        Scary stuff. 😦

        Ok, just to make sure: Fukn Coronavirus ain’t a zombie outbreak, and neither will it turn any infected people into zombs. Capisce? So put your firearms away and calm down.


  1. We have one store chain with people lined up outside waiting to get in, then a few blocks away, another store has no line, I waltz right in, get my stuff (managed to snag a box of tissues; TP is still all gone!) and waltz out. Company sent us all home to work. I really feel for those who have to remain out there in the public still coming in contact with probably lots of folk who go, “I feel sick, but I better go grab some potato chips before I can’t leave the house,” etc. Feel worse for waiters, manicurists, people in Starbucks who have NO jobs right now! Incredible. Escalated so fast. Stay healthy!

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    • Yes, indeed Stacey. Just a couple days ago “haha, stupid Chinks!” and now the big ooopsie. 😦 And some of the most civliized countries, Germany, USA n stuff are super bad prepared and totally hapless in their actions.

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      • Who said “stupid chinks”? Trump, probably. The moron keeps saying “The CHINA virus” and now the knuckle-draggers out here are beating up Asian people in the street! I’m sure many of them are Filipino, Korean, Japanese, and the toothless hillbillies, of course, can’t tell the difference, and don’t care!

        As for being prepared–I think it’s a good wake-up call. Now we know where we stand. Not in a good position for emergencies! Hopefully we’ll all take steps to make “next time”–whatever that is, the Black Plague probably making a comeback–run a lot more smoothly with less panic.

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        • I guess I’ve read about stupid chinks from everywhere. And I thought the same, to be honest. Awesome as they are, stuff came out of some Wuhan lab afteralll, didn’t it?

          And that Trump isn’t a friend of China is a wellknown fact. Of course he isn’t, now that they are beating him left and right, in manufacturing … and the capitalism game as well. And now even the last American hit product, weaponry, is slipping thru his fingers as even fellow NATO gang members Turkey are buying their missiles from Russia rather than from America.

          The end times of American capitalism will be ugly, so ugly. And it’s gonna get dangerous.

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  2. I didn’t hear about the lab. I thought basically most of the pandemic-type diseases came out of China ’cause of people being near their farm animals, namely pigs, which are very close to us genetically, so if something happens to the pigs–like a bat virus–then the pig passes it on to us. Them first. Then eventually us. ‘Cause of airplanes.

    I guess instead of possibly half of Europe’s population dying during the Black Plague back in the old days, if it had been during plane travel time, ALL of Europe, and the rest of the world would be dead now. I we wouldn’t be having this conversation, lol.

    As for American capitalism–whatever it’s morphed into, vulture capitalism–I think it has to get ugly before it dies, but hopefully it’s the beginning of the end, because the way it is now is unsustainable. Our way of life is unsustainable because it’s a stupid way to live.

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    • You might be right about the pigs, I’m not a virologist so can’t say. I just heard from somebody who knows somebody who heard something … you know how it goes. And yeah, pigs are more or less horizontal humans from what I know.
      American capitalism: Don’t you think it’s already ugly enough as it is? It doesn’t even serve America as I’ve rarely seen, for example, such bad internet service as in the states. Or using human illnesses as a profitable business, or totally ignoring public traffic solutions, and and and …
      I so hope for another American revolution. But this time not led by rich guys from the top but a real social revolution, from the bottom up. It’s about time the American public finally gets a better deal and a taste of the legendary freedom your leaders are always talking about.

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