Two Old Fords … and COVID-19

Meeting by chance …


Okayyy, not a very super rare chance at the place of my mechanic. These guys specialize in old iron so this is rather a common sight there. But this is not what I wanted to write about, just sprung up in my mind while I was at the mecha workshop.

Two little black kids hung around the industrial area, a boy and a girl around 7-8 y/o, and poked their noses into everything. The boy even drank some water from a bucket that was supposed to go into my radiator. In the end my mechanic had to chase them off the premises. And then it dawned on me: It wasn’t even noon – why were schoolkids running around in the open. Didn’t even wear their uniforms, those little brainsaws.

Of course, fukn Coronavirus! Schools are closed n stuff!

I remembered having seen playing kids in our complex when I left earlier. Usually you see those little punx only on holidays and during vacations.

So I started asking myself if this really makes sense. Taking pupils out of their kinda isolation in school and release hundreds of thousands of ’em into the city’s streets where they can catch and/or spread the virus. Is that so clever?

Kidz these days. :/

Next pretty inconsequential COVID-19 action I noticed at the grocery again. Yes, every customer was spritzed with desinfectant upon entering the store, and again before going to the cashiers. The cashiers all had their own bottles of desinfectant so they could spritz themselves from time to time. Ok.

Also pretty good: No more self-service at the bakery, the salad bar, deli, pizza and mezze stands. Instead we were serviced by employees wearing gloves. But again no masks, and we were standing very close to each other. That social distancing thing didn’t really catch on hereabouts. For me that’s especially hard since I hate being in close proximity of other people, while Africans in general have absolutely no sense of personal space.

So life at the Cape, goes on as usual, only shopping takes a while longer … and we have a kids infestation. 😦



Boy o boy, should they ever set up a curfew for South Africans, we’ll see some serious unrest around here.



    • Oh yes, the infamous Supervan. Awesome! Kinda stupid, sacrificing the whole cargo bay for a big engine. Also very fun.

      Well, I am very happy with my Ford Essex V6 3l engine. That thing pulls like crazy and throws my ass around better and faster than any original Transit ever could. I will nevertheless restrict myself to 80 k/ph cruising speed. Not in a race, am I? Also it saves a lot of petrol.


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