In Cape Town Life Goes On

with tiny little ittybitty adjustments …

Today at our greengrocers …
… nobody gets inside without being spritzed. 😮 Weirdly I didn’t see any of the employees wearing masks or gloves or treating the goods with extra special care.

At least the virtue signaling effort was complimentary. :/



  1. Wished we get a “ban on going out” (ist das korrekt für Ausgangssperre?) here in Hamburg, Germany or better whole Germany. People really seem to not understand the danger. My sister is working in a hospital and tells me that she and her co-workers are close to their limits. Can people please follow what scientists tell us? I still see people ignoring all…. Makes me mad! Silber

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    • People are ignorant, Silberli.
      Particularly in Germany, and particularly in HH. Such a rich country, such a dominating culture, first world up the wazoo … “things like this can’t and won’t happen to us, we are too precious” mindset prevails. Pretty blasé if you ask me. So sind sie eben, die Hamburger Pfeffersäcke.

      Here at the Cape it’s similar but more stupid, more selfish, more “American” kinda. What do we care about China and Europe? And work remotely ain’t an option here, since 98% of the workforce are maids and they kinda gotta be at the client’s house in order to clean the shit up. And no company would send their workers home because … PROFITS!!! And 80% of the population haven’t even heard anything about Corona, they have their own locally made beer.

      Ich denke auch nicht, dass der Virus schon hier unten angekommen ist, dazu sind wir schon geologisch zu isoliert.

      At least schools are closed now, and all visa revoked. Most African countries are not prepared for a big virus outbreak, so they try to keep the danger from entering African soil in the first place:

      Keine Sorge, ich lese die SZ nicht. Den Link hab ich bei Fefe gefunden. 😉

      Aber cool irgendwie, dass die Afrikaner mal den Spieß umdrehen und keine Europäer reinlassen. =^.^=

      Das gesuchte Wort ist übrigens: curfew

      Please let me know if I can be of further assistance LOL


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