At first, we controlled computers through punchcards.
Then, we used keyboards. And mice.
Trackpads with finger gestures were helpful.
Voice control took a while to perfect.
After that, cameras could sense our facial expressions and hand gestures.
Direct brainwave scanning was the holy grail.
When that came, you controlled the computer with your thoughts.
Which, if you’re impulsive, is a bad thing.
As long as the software contains a confirmation dialogue, you’ll be fine.
But thinking or saying “Yes” sarcastically can lead to a lot of problems.
Now, can I talk to a manager about getting my bank account fixed?

Found this gem on the The 100 Word Stories Podcast site by Laurence Simon. You know he writes and publishes one 100 Word Story every fuxn day. And most of them very cool. Today he tells us that millenials and Gen Z idiots can’t use modern computers. Check it out.

Come on, it’s only 100 words.

You can do it!

She better not be impulsive! 😐


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