The New Species

I wrote to you about the new lizard species – at least new to me – that hangs around our house and garden. And today I spotted one of those fukkaz in our backyard. Look at those stunning wildlife photographs:


Looks a  bit like gekko, no? But these are everywhere, kinda aggro and even moving on the ground, where no Gecko would ever tread. And they have racing stripes and are proper speedy … like swoosh n gone.


Bio prof Lucy, OMG, what are those??? I’m sooo grossed out and afraid. 😮




    • Ok, yes, seems to be a gekko. So maybe I mixed this one up with the new species. Do Gekkos move on the ground? In closed rooms … with humans around? I guess the ones I spotted the past few weeks looked diffferent from the one I shot today. More salamander-ish.
      Will try to find them again and snap more photos.

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      • “Do Gekkos move on the ground?” What else would they have feet for? Sure, they have the baility to scale walls, but yes they move on trhe ground too.
        “In closed rooms … with humans around” With so many different geckos around I’d bet some do, some even tell you how to save on car insurance. Joke aside, It depends a lot on what kind of predators your particular visitor species co-evolved with.

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        • As already stated, I put the gecko in by mistake, asthe “new guys” seem, to be different. But yes, the geck co-evolved with the chameleons and they work kinda the same job. The new species didn’t evolve at all. Some day they were just here. I suspect they came by spaceship. A lot of ’em. And some of them even had the audacity to run into the house when I opened the door in the morning. Not kinda stealthy on the wall but between my fuxn legs!!! 😮 The other day one was sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor – not flat on its stomach like it’s the fashion with geks and chams – but erected on all four extremities. Like a mini cow or dog! 😮

          That’s all kinds of eeeks and even made me forget to get out my camera.


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