Orca Doesn’t Recommend Linux Mint Anymore

Yes, and you now that. When was it, last week or so, when I kicked Mint’s minty ass off my very exclusive, very restricted list of personal recomendations?

Yes, it was roundabout then. But the actual Mint I killed was LMDE; Mint’s Ubu-based version 19.3 was just a collateral victim of my action. No worries, I won’t add it back on my list … not yet.

Buuuut, with that said I also need to admit that Mint is still one of the best Linux distros out there. If not even The Bestest! And in that regard I just stumbled upon a new video by Rob of the Linux Quest YT channel. In this video he quasi confirms everything I said the last couple years about Mint and the Cinnamon desktop. He also takes some time to show us how to tweak and kneat the desktop environment to our personal whims and tastes … and how easy everything is in Mint. A perfect video for first-timers. That’s why I order ask you to watch this:

Whoa, March 15, this  video is so squeeky fresh it’s probably still wet behind the ears. And hey, even if you’re already in Linux/on Mint since a long time it’s still a worthwile watch. Feels good to get confirmation that you decided on the absolutely right Linux distro.

Just because new users get used to it quickly, doesn’t make Mint a n00bie distro. Many many old users and experts are on Mint and don’t even dream about branching out. Because Mint is complete and supplies everybody with the best work environment. Mint does get out of its way to get out of your way! That’s what makes it such an exceptional workhorse and Linux distro.

And Rob makes that visible for us.


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