Everything Wrong with America in One Photo



Michelle Finneran Dennedy

Antwort an

People in Italy sing from the balconies in solidarity while they heal. These folks….




  1. Supporters of Totalitarianism don’t understand the right of individual humans being able to own firearms…

    There were five forms of governance that migrated from theory to reality in the 20th Century: Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism and Progressivism. The common denominator among them was unprecedented control and regulation by the State over human activity. It is delusional to think that the totalitarian impulse expired with the 20th Century.
    – E. Nuff Said

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    • It’s not about supporting totalitarism or individual rights, Karmi. They have every right to show what paranoid personalities they are. Same as sane and reasonable people have the right to laugh their asses off about those clowns.

      And, Karmi, that quote about the perceived five forms of governance doesn’t get better the more often you repeat it. It’s factually wrong, so the conclusion is also wrong.


        • I didn’t imply you quoted it wong, Karmi, I guess whoever came up with the original statement had a very warped cognition of the facts and was obviously a rather nasty, antisocial personality type. I understand individual rights very well, and, as a socialdemocrat, put them front and center of my whole life. But I also know exactly when and under what circumstances the rights of the group/society are more important than singular personal rights. I understand people don’t like to pay taxes. I don’t like to pay taxes either but I love to know that the next generation will have the best education possible, that public transport and health care and unemployment benefits and pensions getting payed. So I place my individual need to not spend money on common goods behind the needs of the group/society. So I pitch in!

          To find that delicate balance humans came up with the concept of democracy. Works reasonably well since thousands of years and was only disturbed once some greedy individuals started pushing their personal rights ahead of the group’s.
          This happened when democracies were turned into fascist dictatorships (Italy (Mussolini)/Germany (Hitler)) or criminally abused democracies turned into modern feudal states (America (Washington –> Trump)).


  2. *falls laughing from chair*

    … as if free access to guns helped Murica from becoming a banana republic in any way… sorry, but please check back with reality before commenting, thanks.

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    • Problem with that is the high speed Germany’s becoming a true banana republic. Give them one or two more years, and Germans will be more corrupt and fascist than the yukn fanks. 😮


    • Supporters of Totalitarianism are often bigots (at best) … “Murica” is a bigoted term used to mock the way poor black Americans speak, or also to mock the way poor white Americans speak, and/or to mock both.


      • Yes. And what’s so bigoted or totalitarian about it?
        We Jerries often refer to our own country just as ‘schland, which is what you hear when 50,000 football fans chanting “Deutschland!” in the stadium at worldcup games. Basically the same as refering to America as Murica. No political idea behind it.


  3. It is a term that emerged to differentiate between all Americans (inhabitants of one continet), and inhabitants from one particular country trying to claim the term all for themselves. And yes it might mock that nation’s generally uneducted inhabitants, but no more than they usually mock themselves by well,… just being themselves.

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