*EDIT* A Long Video Walk *EDIT*

Over 5 hours of uncut Hermitage experience. Be patient, be very, very extra patient … it’s kinda magick …

And, hey, in case you’re naughty and impatient and not in a meditative mood you can always up the playback speed by 2x or so.

Writes Australian blog Bricks and Bluebottles:

The Long Video Walk

With all this self-isolation going on, people need to work out what do do during all that time staying inside besides counting their toilet paper stash.

Coming to the rescue is a 5+ hour single take video tour of Russia’s iconic museum, The Hermitage.

Shot entirely on an iPhone, the extraordinary film is a meditative journey through one of the world’s great buildings.

The amazingly ornate building, is just as an astounding feature as well as the art itself.

Writes Apple:

Experience a 5 hr 19 min 28 sec cinematic journey through one of the world’s biggest museums in St. Petersburg, Russia. Take in 45 galleries, 588 masterpieces, and live performances, shot in 4K on iPhone 11 Pro in one continuous take.

Watch the highlights:

00:01:25 Jordan Staircase

00:49:00 The 1812 Gallery and the young cadet

02:06:02 See Rembrandt like never before

02:55:56 Hermitage Theatre contemporary ballet duet

03:03:50 Study the ceilings of the Raphael Loggias

03:56:25 Close-up on Caravaggio’s The Lute Player

04:50:32 Kirill Richter live performance

Director: Axinya Gog

Listen to the soundtrack highlights on Apple Music https://apple.co/3aIP5DN

Composers, in order of appearance:

Anton Schwarz


Katushiro Oguri

Gabriel Prokofiev

Kirill Richter

Apropos self-isolation, we have computers and internet, and therefore are never bored! And I need to go out today anyways and shop for groceries and gotta see a man about a van. 😉

PS: Apropos one-shot movies, the Hermitage video reminded us on a production of much bigger scale:

Russian Ark was also filmed on location in the Hermitage. And people are going crazy about the fake one-shot movie 1917. Meh. 😐 Actually … the more I think about it the less I like 1917. 😮



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