They Don’t Even Try Anymore …

Call the thing by its name

… to lull us into compliance with their endless warfare by selling us the Iraqis and Iranis as evil regimes. It’s not as if the larger part of the world’s population knew it since, like, forever, now even the Americans are slowly getting the whole picture. It’s not about bringing democracy and human rights to countries who clearly don’t know what to do with those strange concepts. Neither are your troops send out all over the world to protect your freedom – it’s all about the OIL!

Simple and straightforward greed by some multimega corporations with no patriotic feelings at all but the will to use your military to bully and invade oil-rich countries, free of charge for them.

Let America be the #1 country! No problem with that. That status doesn’t give you the right to invade and plunder other countries. Are you viking barbarians or sumfink?

Trump knows it. Everybody and their abuela in DC knows it. Dem or Rep doesn’t matter, they are all compliant and go with the program. Because they know quite well who really holds the power in the US.

Americans, please, I beg you: Don’t be so effn patridiotic. Don’t send your sons and daughters into “service for the country”. Your own politicos and the military are laughing about your gullibility.

Aaaaand, if you want olio, fukn buy it from the producers like the rest of us!




  1. We were just starting on the path to sustainable energy, even toward being pioneers in it, then along came dotard and undid it all. And despite failing all his promises, his rabid fans still support him.. even while losing their jobs & homes.

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  2. Sorry, but the days of America catering to losers like France and Germany are coming to an end. We have the President in Office now who is returning America back to the Americans, and he is about to get at least 4 more years to finish the job. Draining the Swamp and throwing the UN out may take more than 4 years, but voters can have Congress add more years to President Trump’s term in Office. It’s a great time to be an American … just look at the 24/7 attempts at finding a distraction from this great American President!

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    • Karmi’s around ~127 years old, sweetie, he tends to dramatize stuff and forgets a lot of things. So let’s be gentle with his brittle ego. Throwing the US’s own yes-men UN out of the USA is as surreal as it is senseless. What he meant with catering to losers France and Germany will nobody ever understand. So I truly believe this was his attempt in sarcasm … yeah, I’m a sweet summer child and gullible like that. 😐


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