\o/ Chameleon! \o/

Ever since we’ve been invaded by some new kind of lizard, all the old population of chameleons and geckos seem to have vanished. 😦 At least blindo me didn’t see any of them critters around anymore. Not that I’m particularly fond of any of them. I’m kinda afraid and grossed out by reptiles of all sorts but I could agree to a peaceful, if uneasy, co-existence on one and the same piece of land. To be fair I’ve gotta admit they’ve been here since hundreds of years, way before hubby and me ever got the idea to move to Africa.

But the new sort is all kinds of bad and eeeps. 😮 Those fukkaz are legion, they are fast, and they are everywhere! That means they don’t just stick to the walls and ceilings, or like the chameleons, stick to the garden, no, they are on the floor as well and are running around our feet. Eeeks, eeps, eeeeps! 😮 And it seems they’ve driven our old cohabitants off. Didn’t see any gecko or chameleon in weeks. 😦

But today!

What ya lookin’ at?

Even blind me could spot this show-offish specimen without any problems. Didn’t even look for him but he popped in my sight just like that. How I know it’s a he? Easy, nothing that fugly could ever be female! 🙂

Anyhoo, it seems at least some of our old allies have survived the invasion by the lizards from hell. Life’s good again. =^.^=

Sooo, Orca, why don’t you show us this new wonderlizard? It’s not as easy to snap a good photo of them, guys. Usually they are everywhere, and hubby just confirmed he’d seen various specimen inside the house … and usually, there are various living underneath the doors, particularly the babies. But right now, in this very moment, they are nowhere to be found. Seems almost like the are working shifts, those mini-dinos. Can have either chamaleons and geckos – or the new guys. Not all of them at the same time. :/


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