Lab Gab 17: Luca Resident

Oh, Inara’s beaten me. She’s faster and more clevererer anyway, so this time the honour falls upon her to present the latest Lab Gab show, #17. This time it’s about Luca Grabarcr (, the very talented machinima maker.



Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

via Linden Lab

Lab Gab turns its attention back towards resident guests on Friday, March 13th, with episode 17 announced as featuring lucagrabacr, who has been involved in Second Life for almost eight years.

Luca is a content creator, although she is probably best known for her SL videos, many of which seek to positively promote Second Life to the world at large. Her interview comes on the heels of a forum discussion she initiated about SL Marketing which was mentioned in the Lab Gab segment featuring the Second Life Marketing team.

Luca is also the co-founder of the Virtual Existence Society, a non-profit group of like-minded individuals who find value in the practice of virtual embodiment and the philosophy of virtual existentialism who and want to preserve, and promote those things. As a part of this, the VES recognises those who contribute to the practice of virtual…

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