Happy 18th Birthday Archlinux!

Very congratulory thread and good times over there in the Arch subreddit. Particularly one part stood out for me as rather … um …


I could run Arch like this forever!

BTW, I use Arch naked whenever possible. Doesn’t feel the slightest bit more sinful than with latex clothes on. 🙂

Uncomfy blogging like this in the long run

Oh. You mean I should operate my ArchLinux wearing, like, normal everyday clothes? Stuff you wear at the office? Like bikinis, hot pants, mini skirts, hi heels n stuff? Wouldn’t that be boring?

Using Arch, dressed like this? In boring office attire? Why not go naked right away? And next time, babe, switch your laptop on before the boss sees you goofing off, or the photog snaps you.

And I don’t even wear “everyday” clothes every day, so what do they want?

Eeeks! Worst case scenario! That’s why the bish only got a tablet, no adult sized computer; and most probably no ArchLinux on it. 😦



    • LOL! Tom, I told everybody who is willing to listen that Arch isn’t as geeky or complicated … once it’s installed on your PC. Depending on the dektop environment it can be as easy and friendly as Mint or Linux Lite.

      And the thousand daily updates are no reason to panic either. In fact did Manjaro fuk up way more often than Namib or Archman, eventhough Manjaro gets the update packages two weeks after the real Arch and compatible distros. I had one failure during my time with Namib and none on Archman yet.

      But breaking updates aren’t a catastrophe, we just use the system as usual and try the update every day until it works. I don’t even complain and wine and moan to upstream since there are thousands of more clever and savvy guys watching and reporting the failure. And a fix is quickly found and rolled out. Even if it takes a couple days, we’re still weeks and months ahead of all the other Linuxes.

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