• Buuuut! Linux has the magical powers of self-defense and self-healing. And, as even this nonchalant editrix knows, no virus can get to work on Linux without your express permission. Said virus/malware must have the power of sudo. And that’s not easy to come by. =^.^=

      In Arch
      sudo pacman -S malware
      must by typed in by hand far as I know.


  1. It’s clearly put of control but even a 4% worldwide fatality rate is extremely low.
    When I ran the numbers for China (from Monday), the infection rate was 0.005% of the population. Death rate was 0.0002%.

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    • Seems to me that WHO and 99.999999% of the news media are basically ‘Shouting FIRE in a crowded theater‘ and they somehow get away with doing it…over and over again and again. Has any American news agency brought up the 80,000 flu deaths in America, just 2 years ago? Not that I know of, it seems they just want to keep shouting *FIRE*

      Yeah, that’s an incredible low death rate, if correct…like you say, even a worldwide fatality rate of 4% is low. I also read somewhere that the number of new cases in China has declined sharply, but hard to trust any news with all the *FIRE* shouting going on.

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      • See, that’s the thing; China’s media didn’t shout fire … or maybe they did, I don’t know. Not in the habit of reading chinese newspapers. But the gov’mt reacted swift and fast and invested huge amounts of money and personnel into containing/fighting the virus. Seems to work out for them.


    • And I bet the Chinese got to this good percentage, or rather permille, without the whole population going into a bogroll buying frenzy. Not that I don’t love a good mass hysteria from time to time … but TP is a target of extremely low importance.


      • To be honest, I secretly checked our stock when I heard about the TP thing, and found to my mild surprise we still got 9 rolls. That should last us 9 years … at least. 😉


      • Agreed. I saw a lot of footage about food shortages in China, because the lockdowns prevented goods from coming in to areas, and suspect that same footage fed a lot of the current frenzy, despite completely different social structures.
        I’m scared by reports that gun purchases increased because so many people are convinced US society will collapse. If it does, I’d rather be killed than kill.

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        • Would be a shame tho, getting killed in a fight about toilet paper. 😮

          But why completely different social structures? China has big portions of the population living in the countryside, same as the US. And 90% of people get their shopping from supermarkets. And the USA is bigger than China by landmass, so when in America trucks are on lockdown the shortages will be even more severe than in China.

          But that won’t happen because bad for business!


          • I mean that parts of China could be put into forced quarantine by their government. Our government could try that, and it might even work for a minute, but people would soon rebel… esp the people who are armed.

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            • In China it worked wonders. People are reasonable and compliant and went through the quarantine without making a fuzz. In the US it would never work, you’re correct. Because there is such a huge gap in between the populace and the gov’mt. Ppl don’t trust their own, democratically elected leaders.


            • Mhm, very likely. You’ve got all the weapons and private militias and all that crap. Chaos will reign!
              I’ll always reefer to zombie movies and series like The Walking Dead. One should usually expect that in case of a zombie outbreak, survivors will flock together, the more the merrier. And in case of gov’mt breakdown they will organize local councils (soviets) and decide very basis-democratically how to organize the future of the group. Defense, food supply, housing and so forth. And when groups meet they will join, not fight each other. I guess this would be the most logical action and done in most countries.
              Again, I see American exceptionalism since ppl don’t even get the concept of co-op but will try to steal from other groups and kill as many hungry mouths as possible.


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