Coronavirus, USA, Cuba, China

Nice how all those American naysaying patriots are confusing the new Cuban drug Interferfon with the old drug Interferon. Those dorks are laughing about Cuba while perishing on their death beds. 😐

In this one I don’t even know what fact shocks me more. Not closing schools in times of a virus outbreak or the 114,000 homeless pupils obviously living on school grounds. 😮

Shows how little difference there is between being citizen of a 1st world or a 3rd world country. When you’re sick or homeless or old or all of these things you’re better off living in many 3rd world countries.

Bhutan? Yeah, better go there when you really sick!

My personal fazit: Not naming any countries by name but so far “The West” doesn’t look too good in this scenario. :/




  1. It might also be that in some countries they barely check for the virus at all…
    Though of course, being somewhere where there are few international relations does slow down the spreading.

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  2. I’m not sure if spring/warmer weather might help (latest news denied that). I hope, there won’t start now a “finger-pointing” at “the West”, “the USA”, “the Chinese ppl”, “the Europe” or who-/whatever. This pandemic finally seems to reach us all in the same way, so let us all try to avoid getting this virus by following what scientists advise. Silber xxx

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