Linux Philosophy: Sparky + Mate

Good Sunday morning, Pengus!

Hey, you know the spiel, this is gonna be boring, a teensy tiny bit geeky and a whole lot opinionated. So if you’re not happen to be a penguin or don’t like Orca’s opinions, you know where to go. The rest of you are welcome to stick around, have a brownie and a glass of milk and read my shit.

Time to have the Linux talk.

As you know I recently revised my already short list of recommended Linux distributions and put a “new” distro on the forefront as perfect beginner’s Linux: SparkyLinux. And to cement my claim I put my money where my mouth is and installed Sparky on my fukn lame netbook.

To make it short, I was blown away by Sparky’s speed and spunkiness and also installed it on Gaga, my third-best desktop computer. Have I put on extended times on Sparky, did I use it to my heart’s content, did I really thoroughly test it? Unfortunately not, but Sparky might be new in my list and on two of my PCs but it’s in no way a new Linux distro, and also it’s Debian based and so simple it can’t be far removed from vanilla Debian. I guess same as Namib and Archman are, like, real Arch distros, so is Sparky a real Debian. Just with the comfy oldfashioned Gnome2 desktop we all know and love as Mate and a mangeable installer.

You know Orca ain’t the most patient girl ever, so when I graciously hand out recommendations for n00bie distros I don’t take time to talk to you and treat you like stupid little kids.This blog was initially started as a Second Life blog, so I assume most of you guys are adult Second Life residents with a vivid interest in vitual worlds and enough technical knowledge to operate in such a complex environment already. And you know how to tweak your graphic cards and settings for the best eyecandy and FPS.

In that same spirit I get at my recommendations of new operating systems for y’all. Simple and easy to use – for grown ups! And same as my formerly recommended n00bie distro Mint wasn’t branded as such, so ain’t Sparky. Of course it has a learning curve! Your Windows and your MacOS came pampered with a nanny? No, eh? And, speaking of learning curves, the super duper easy installation of Sparky, and the easy operation of the Mate desktop, will make sure said learning curve ain’t too steep and will be an enjoyable experience all around.

The main thing will be to keep an open mind … and to free yourself from a lot of shit you’ve learned in Windows. In fact is Linux the easier and more logical OS, not to mention the faster and more stable environment. We’ve been thru it already.

So when I switched little Gaga on earlier this morning I was greeted by a simple notice that new updates were ready to install. And since neither Debian nor Orca tend to fuk about I klikkered Yes and was done in less then 2 minutes.


Really. That was all the external input on my new Sparky system. Apart from that I was ready to get to work and be awesome immediately. People, really, forget about Linux Lite and forget even about the Minty Goodness. None of those Ubuntu (failed Debian) distros can be as warhorse or workhorse-like as Sparky. The luxuries they offer you are mostly nonsense you will never need again after two or three days but they’ll bog your sytem down and make it slow and awkward.

And why don’t I recommend Cinnamon anymore? Answer is simple. I think Mate is simply the better DE and only recommended Cinnamon since it’s Mint’s flagship desktop. But now without the Mint ballast we don’t need the Cinnamon compromise but I can recomend to you what I truly think is the bestest solution. Mate is surely not as nice to look at but more tweakable and lighter overall = improved speediness. πŸ™‚ And Sparky comes with Mate as one of its desktops right out of the box. So why not?

Archman and Sparky live together in perfect harmony on Orca’s desktop.

Does that mean I’m such a big fan of Sparky now that I’ll give up on Archy stuff and become a slow burner like Sparky?

Naaaw. I’m an Archy girl thru and thru. Eventho while I only found one update in all the time since my last Sparky writeup, and my Archman has already thrown 4 updates at me this morning alone (it’s only 9:48 a.m.) I’m not gonna give it up. I love my updates. And I love my Arch!

But I will keep Sparky on OrcNet as a perfect uncomplicated travel companion. It’s really that good. With a Debian based Sparky on my computer I don’t need to worry about a thing, won’t even need to carry the one or other thumbdrive with me – for emergency installations and shit – but will trust in this nuclear proof system!

And so should you!



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