How To Find A Linux OS That’s Perfect For YOU — And What To AVOID

Hah! This is great. Helps you avoiding helpful recommendations by that weird blogwoman:

Watched it? This sounds like a halfways decent solution. Earlier attempts gave always the same 100 – 200 recommendations, no matter what you were looking for. But Librehunt seems to use a decent algorythm so you can expect some thoroughly filtered results just for your taste and needs.

Here you go!
I just tried it myself and gave some willy nilly informations and got a well-balanced choice of Linux distros which might be just right for me … or not at all. Some of the recomendations I wouldn’t touch with a 10′ pole. But that’s me, the jaded, spoiled, negative nagger.
As a total n00bo your experience might be totally cool and just the best. Because, luckily for you, you’re not me. You’re uninhibited and open, as kinda required by more than 2,000 active Linux distributions.
Please try the Librehunt website. You don’t need to be really interested in switching to Linux but just answer the questionaire and find out what the site recommends for your special case. Also it would be swell if you’d let your fellow blogreaders know what result you got. In the comment section below this blog if you could be so nice.
And then let’s find out if certain distros are showing up more often than others … and why.
Thanks for your cooperation and cya laterz
PS: My result is so-so. 14 distros is a bit much and kinda disheartening. If I was a n00b I’d be giving up right now. But fortunately they sorted the distros descending from peak similarity.
  1. Linux Lite
  2. Puppy Linux
  3. Zorin OS
  4. Feren OS
  5. Kubuntu
  6. Ubuntu Mate
  7. Linux Mint
  8. Xubuntu
  9. KDE Neon
  10. Elementary OS
  11. Ubuntu Budgie
  12. Ubuntu
  13. Endless OS
  14. Deepin

What a messy mess. 😮 Distros from all over the spectrum. Almost the whole *buntu catalogue is on that list. :/ Maybe I shouldn’t have typified myself as Beginner and anwered most questions with “Don’t care!” or so. 😐

Anyways, I’m really looking forward to what you peepelz come up with.





  1. I rarely watch any videos or tubie stuff so didn’t see this one either. Tried the LibreHunt, but their questioning method seemed flawed (?!?)…at best. It gave me Frugalware, Linux Lite, Puppy Linux, Trisquel, and they lost me at OpenMandriva. Interesting idea, but they need to work on how to ask questions, IMHO.

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    • Exactly. They seem to forget they are talking to n00bs. Did you also get 14 recommends? It’s a bit much I guess. 3 would do for my taste. And why did they recommend Ubuntu Mate and Kubuntu for me? Never seen anyone liking both desktops.


      • They gave me more than I had listed, but were so off I didn’t release the others. Examples of bad questions:

        1) How good are you with computers and Linux? Well, I’m Advanced with computers and about Medium with Linux. (Answers were Beginner, Medium and Advanced). By computers did they mean software or hardware or both? Sorta like they have 3-4 questions crammed into 1 question, too me anyway.

        2) Do you need to run your distro on old hardware? (Answers are Doesn’t Matter or Yeah). What about just new hardware, and that does matter to me.

        3) Do you have a touchscreen? Will you be using the distro with a touchscreen? (Answers are Doesn’t Matter or Yes). Maybe they should also offer “No” as a choice there.

        4) Would you want a distro with more popularity and support than something small and different? (Answers No or Yes). Why didn’t they add “Doesn’t Matter” that time?

        Weird. OK…this time I didn’t answer any questions, just moved from question to question, and they still gave me a list…Chakra Linux, Feren OS, Deepin and they had Ubuntu last. 20 in that list.

        “Fuk!” Frugalware & Chakra Linux! 😉

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        • That questionaire is obviously still in need of a lot of finetuning. Somehow, as you noticed, the possible answers don’t even fit the questions. I mean, ok, that guy is only 15 y/o and a very clever guy, but I surely wasn’t so flakey when I was 15.

          I was mostly shocked by the result. How can, in a fairly reasonable world, more than one *buntu distro be in that list. All the different *buntus can’t be made for the same user.

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  2. Omygosh. Lots of results, almost all of them one ‘buntu or another, or based on ‘buntu. Maybe since it’s directed at newbies, I guess. I have a “New to Linux Questionnaire” that I use to pick a distro / apps / etc to install on a machine for a newbie.

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    • Oh yes, and sorry for being so tardy Robin. I wanted to read that particulary blogpost since days … and forgot. 😦
      Will do it right nownow!


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