A Radical Shower Thought

“American Exceptionalism”: Is that what it means?

Let’s not forget that even N.Korea most probably has some kinda universal healthcare for every citizen. And China, and Russia and the rest of the GUS anyway. And up until they were “freed” by the French and American “rebel forces”, Lybia had the best healthcare in the whole of Africa.


Pay more, live less

I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’ 😐



  1. Boing Boing probably didn’t count humble me in their stats. 74 year old male on Medicare. My Medicare is supplemented by Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) … I pay nothing for both those coverages. In fact, QMB pays for my Medicare & prescriptions monthly costs, it also pays for my deductible and co-pays. I pay like $3 for 90 day prescriptions. Don’t believe these left-wing stat sites (that includes WHO & UN), especially don’t believe 99.9999% of what the Democratic party or their MSM puppets say…I trust North Korea’s news media more than Americas.

    BTW, for you and your readers, How many people in your country have died from “seasonal influenza” this year? I’ve just read an article that says:

    The number of people who have died from seasonal influenza so far has now reached 20,000, including 136 influenza-associated deaths in children, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported as of February 29.

    I believe that “seasonal” is from like October 2019 – Feb 29. 2020. 20,000 deaths & not a peep from Democrats or their MSM puppets. From the CDC.gov site.

    Do y’all have any stats on “seasonal influenza” deaths compared to Coronavirus deaths in your countries?

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    • “74 year old male on Medicare.”
      Whoa! And I once called you “old man” as a joke. 😮

      “Do y’all have any stats on “seasonal influenza” deaths compared to Coronavirus deaths in your countries?”
      To be honest, I’ve never cared about all the statistics. Don’t even know if I really had the flu or just heavy colds. And since we’re residing in SA there’s no more colds and flus in our lives.

      I’m just shocked that the US wastes 500 Billion Woolongs by not having socialised health care.

      I know, I know, if you had universal health care, 2 to 3 people would make 500 bililon less profit. And that’s un-american.:(


      • “To be honest, I’ve never cared about all the statistics.”

        Looks like you care about those left-wing baloney “socialised health care” stats.

        No colds or flu in SA?!? Interesting…

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        • “Looks like you care about those left-wing baloney “socialised health care” stats.”
          No, I don’t. I just care about being insured and know it’s better to have social insurance than not have it. Saved my life already twice. At no extra cost to me or my parents!
          And what does social insurance have to do with left wing? It was introduced for Germany by Prince Otto von Bismarck, not a social revolutionary at all but chancellor of the german empire, a military head, and glowing royalist and patriot. Do I need to spell out right wing radical?
          People insuring themselves mutually. It’s just organized by gov’mtl social insurance. Not communism, not even socialism. Just a functional society.

          “No colds or flu in SA?!? Interesting…”
          As I don’t know or care about stats I can’t say if we have the flu here. Most blacks are sniffling in winter, cause their huts are even worse insulated than our houses and they live with 10 – 20 people in very small rooms. Perfect breeding ground for all kinds of infections I guess.
          Uh, so, yes, hubby and me are sniffling too at the height of the rainy season but we’re no drama queens and don’t call it flu.


            • Looks like the socialized medical stats coming out of Germany are very sloooooooooowwww … saying 25,000 flu deaths in 2017/2018 season, but that is still going thru some updating by the “Federal Statistical Office” that still hasn’t got around to the 2018/2019 season yet. Like I said…very slooooww. Germany has a population of 83-million?!? That 25,000 deaths sounds like a lot for socialized medicine to be having, IMHO.

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              • ““Federal Statistical Office””
                Why you put that in quotes?

                “25,000 flu deaths in 2017/2018”
                Sounds like a lot. Now I don’t know nothing but there are differnt flus, afaik. Some are more deadly than others. I always thought dead by influenza is a freak accident. Stuff like that just doesn’t happen to normal people. But with the growing Americanism of German culture everything is possible these days. Germany is becoming a compromised banana republic. 😮

                “Like I said…very slooooww.”
                Fukn gvmt officials, can’t be fired for being slooooow. :/

                “Germany has a population of 83-million?!?”
                Last I heard yes, should be apprx correct. Don’t know if they include the millions of immigrants or leave them out of the equation.

                “25,000 deaths sounds like a lot for socialized medicine”
                Yes, indeed. But the numbers would be the same, or higher, without health insurance. If people are stubborn and just ignore the symptoms and don’t go to the doctor … can’t be helped.
                Again, has nothing to do with socialised medicine. We are insured. Claiming the benefits is everyone’s personal duty. No matter if I pay the health insurance directly or into a public fund.

                I only know when we fly to Gerryland this year hubby already has an appointment with his urologist,, after he had a gastro-enterologist checking him for cancer n stuff last year. And I’ll see my gynakologist about some lady parts, as usual. Of course only if we don’t die of coronavirus before. 😦


            • Last I heard was 42 mio, but they are growing fast (poverty makes many children you know) and Saffas are shit with statististics anyway. 11,000 a year is a lot if it’s really influenza I guess. I believe South Africa has not that much contact to other countries other than a lot of immigrants from Zimbabwe and central Africa. It’s all a grey area, nobody knows anything. Blacks don’t go to doctors or hospitals coz they charge a fee. They rather give 2 chickens to their sangoma and hope for supernatural help.

              But most people here die from murder and traffic accidents anyway. Or they burn to death in their wooden shacks when they drunkenly stumble over the gas heater.


  2. There aren’t good stats for US coronavirus yet because our country didn’t bother to prepare and now there is a severe shortage of test kits. We definitely have thousands, and probably tens of thousands, more cases than have been reported. But we also have high medical copay so many people won’t see a doc till they’re seriously ill.

    I think I’ve repeatedly seen that despite our “great” healthcare (NOT!!) we have an abnormally high infant mortality rate… highest of all “1st world” countries.

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    • There is no coronavirus in the USA!
      Just imagine American bosses would have to shut down their factories and tell their workers to stay home (with full pay) like the Chinese did.
      Absolutely un-american!!! 😮

      “abnormally high infant mortality rate”
      Of course! Those little fukkaz, who do they think they are? Haven’t paid a single dime into the health insurance scheme yet but demand health care, those crybabies. 😮


      • A lot of Seattle companies, particularly tech giants, have already told their employees to work from home. People are wondering about the pay for people who can’t do their jobs remotely. My guess is that they will be required claim their paid sick days & vacation time. When those run out, so will the paychecks.

        The infant thing bugs me because the anti-abortion peeps want all the babies to be born but have no plan, nor concern, for them after that

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        • “My guess is that they will be required claim their paid sick days & vacation time.”
          That can’t be legal.
          I mean even the thought of sick days makes me sick. When you are sick you get an attest by a doctor about your illness and stay home … as long as it takes for you to heal up + follow up cures and rehabilitation time.


          • It’s totally legal!!
            Most sick pay plans allow 3 consecutive days without a doc’s note. Note required after that. If you exceed your remaining avail sick days you use vacation time. At a certain number of days, usually 11+ work days, short term disability kicks in (IF your position provides it, many lower paying & virtually all part time jobs do not) but that’s usually a drastic reduction in pay – 50%-60% of norm. I’ve had to follow that policy after a couple surgeries which required 3 months for recovery.

            Anyone working part time, whether for primary or add’l income, will be screwed. Ditto for “1099” contractors, who have no coverage at all… no vacay, sick time, disability, or unemployment.

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          • And don’t forget… if we dare be sick enough to require hospitalization that also has a huge out-of-pocket cost. That amount depends on the level of coverage you have. I think mine is around $2500 each for docs/hospital and meds… but I have good insurance. And I’m sure the insurance industry is already figuring out ways around that… dome kind of exceptions to the stated limits.

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