Mint Fanclub

Hey, you don’t have to hide your affection, you can he honest. It’s not terrible to be in love with the Minty Goodness. And if you really want you can stop right there and get old with your system. Nothing wrong with that. It’s really good.


But how about having a peek into another Linux world, just a quick peek? For example at the mighty Manjaro?

Yummy? Curious now? And Egee was just showing you the standard Manjo with its flagship Xfce desktop. What if I tell you it also comes in a community Cinnamon flavour? Better? It’s like your Mint on steroids?

What about Manjaro’s self-destructing tendencies? Hmmm, let’s see and have another look at a better alternative to Manjaro …

Archman won’t go suicidal on you and is a lot more stable than Manjaro, albeit less curated. But also available in beautiful and familiar Cinnamon.

And, did it hurt? No, eh? Just looking … and you’re under no obligation to jump over to Archy Linux right away. Just wanted to open your eyes to the possibilities and endless options out there in the Linux wilderness.



  1. Looks complicated to me..LOL. You know I keep it Minty. I will look at other distros if I ever need to…so far…I been running Mint for 4ish years..I’m good, no point in changing what works.

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    • Yeah. But. Aren’t you curious …at least a little bit? What’s behind the horizon, what’s out there, why am I on such an old kernel while all those Archy boyz n gurlz are computing on their squeaky new shit? I couldn’t live with that foma feeling. :/


      • Nope, not even in the slightest. I am also still running 1080p Monitors and can see things just fine on them. If they come out with super duper wack dacky 80k resolution monitors tomorrow for 20 bucks…I will still just keep on using my 1080p’s. My bicycle is also a 1983 steel Bianchi that rolls on the pavement when I push the pedals around in circles despite there being fancy carbon fiber ones..this one still works. I am more utilitarian I suppose.When it doesn’t do something I need it to do, then I will look for something that does.

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        • Yeah, in fact my 1080 p monitor is our sole 1080 p screen in the whole house. Our lappies are 1366s and so is one of my desktop screens. Apart from that I’ll even still have a 4×3 monitor with even less solution. It’s shit but it werkz and 1080 is superduper good enough. Even Blu-ray is only 1080, isn’t it?
          Bianchi bikes are quality. You don’t wanna give away a classy 80’s frame.

          Buuuut super cool Linux distros are super cool … and free! If you’re so clingy to the past why dontcha use Debian? Honestly, if I weren’t such an Arch junkie I’d be on Sparky Linux now. That’s just simple and amazing!


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