I Don’t Think …

… yes, no, of course I do think, do the thinking thing, not a cop or sumfink, ain’t I? But I don’t think the weather will get nicer and moar stormywindy before the first start of the TP52 Super Series. If I could ask you to please risk a gander on this photographic evidence I just fabricated?


What do we see here? Firstly we see grey sky all over the place, which won’t make for good photos. I even put the camera on “vivid colours”, so it’s oversaturated but in reality it’s even more sad.

And secondly we see there’s no movement in the shrubs and tree. Not a single overly excited leaf. Which means we have a calm, or as we navigators say, we’re in the doldrums. That is kinda typical for this time of the year here at the western cape. Summer is stormy season and now we’re slowly slipping into autumn. This is usally the bestest time of the year for when you’re a visitor and wanna do touristy shit. It’s crap, tho, if you’re about to have some exciting sailraces.

Or when you’re like me, a bloggerbabe looking to fill her blog with spectacular sailing photos. Pfffrz. :/

Of course is today the last day of the Super Series. But we just learned from 31 March to 4th April the TP52s will have their Rolex World Championship at the same location. Another chance for your blogbish to snap some photos.

Should the weather change in the last minute, I will speed down to the harbour. But if it stays like this I’ll bid y’all a good night. 😐



  1. Lucky you! 2 big exciting sailing events within a month!
    So this is the warm-up series before the real deal at the end of the month, right?
    Or are both events equally worthy in the yearly TP52 competition despite one being called the TP World Championship?

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