Top 5 Linux Distributions for Windows Users

Oh my. 😦

Those ignorant fukkaz! The title of It’s FOSS’s latest video is already so unspeakably illogical and childish, one could think they are writing screenplays for Disney Star Wars as a part time job. 😮

Jeezuz, why are you recommending Linux distros for Windows users? Why not for new Linux users? How can such a fanatical site and video channel, such Linux evangelists, be so particularly negative and half-assed and unconvinced … unconvincing of their own “product” they try to bring to the masses?

Nevertheless I found two halfways decent recommendations in their list. Can you guess which?

Linux distribution for Windows users? Is that even a thing?
Well, what we mean is that Linux distributions that have Windows-like interface and are easy to use.
So if Windows 7 (or XP) users looking to switch to Linux could have some help from this video.
BTW, it’s not Mayt, it’s Mah-teh! You superduper experts should know that!


    • Yeah, too funny. While all the Linux distros are cancelling their 32-bit variations, the careless and ruthless Microsoft evil guys lovingly nurture all the grannies and their stone age computers.


  1. 🙂 The title, “Top 5 Linux Distributions for Windows Users” can be looked upon as a form of marketing — one that is targeted towards those people who use Windows.

    There are people who use both Windows and Linux.

    That video is not for me because I have been using Linux exclusively for the past five years.

    Do have yourself a wonderful week, Orca.

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    • Yes, I know how they meant it. But it sounds weak and unconvincing. And always coming up with the same small handful distros is pure laziness by our Indians. Where is Manjaro, where is MX, where is Solus and all the rest? Our FOSS guys seem to live in a awfully small world. 😐

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