Second Life on Linux

Particularly ArchLinux. While it is super cool that some great and flawless human being puts the Singularity Viewer Alpha into the AUR, just some years ago the feed was rather spotty. The new volunteer maintainer, GordonVR or so, takes his self-appointed job very seriously tho. New versions of the viewer (Nightly Builds) are landing in the AUR almost immediately.



As you can see, not only the Linux version of the viewer is up to speed with the Windows version, but even the more comfy self-installing ArchLinux version is on the same level.

Singularity Amazing! Just amazing. Of course I had to test quickly if everything worked according to plan …
SL’s login screen reveals the viewer was updated to version 8232 …
… and here is Orca inworld at the Anthem event, looking at the latest build by Scarlet Creative.

This could all be so perfect. If only I had the graphic power of MiniMax’s GTX770. But, oy vey, you know … no fukn budget for expensive spare parts. 😩


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