I’m Afraid! Very Afraid!

Fukn Corona virus has even found its way into our little shithole at the far end of the world. And I’m not even talking about OZ or NZ … but SA. 😮 Because patient zero got infected in another shithole country, fukn Italy. Whaaa? We have more contact with China than Italy, so it’s a wonder it came in from Europe.

Just thinking, maye we should go shopping now and stock up on foodstuff for half a year or so. And not leave the house for a while. Half a year is roundbout the time it needs for a virus to go away again, right?



  1. Half a year is as good as any other guess!
    I’m hoping that even if panic spreads, living in an agricultural center means I’ll still have access to food. If not, I have some really really bad pkgd pastas from a food bank. Or I could diet… I have more than enough fat to survive!

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  2. Hi Orcs, hi everyone!
    Weird times, aren’t they? A lil, lil virus seems to drive politicians, the economy and all what we’ve thought made us so “super human beings” to their knees. For my own, I try to avoid getting this stuff. It has nothing to do with panic. Everyone who claims that or speaks about hysteria might just try to feel stronger.
    Fact is: No immunity so far. Let’s do what we can in daily routine.

    (Online) hugs and kisses from Silber.

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    • Exactly Silber. No panic but stick with your daily hygiene routine. For me that means taking daily showers and washing my hands before and after handling food. Eventhough I’m not a messy cook I’ll always keep my hands clean. And LOL, hubby and me don’t get into contact with other people too often anyway and mostly stay at home when we don’t have any away-business. 🙂 Guess why I blog so much.

      Anti-bacterial hugs n kisses xoxo


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