Make Cinnamon Really Pretty

Hoy brutes and doves,

you peepel love your Cinnamon desktop, right? Yesh, looks fancy and modern and ain’t too much dumbed down neither. And I guess most of y’all are using it how it comes straight out of the Minty or Manjaro box, or whatever distro ships with Cin, and are happy with things as they are. Right, you lame-os?

But this is Linux, so let’s play and make things really shiny and pretty, so all your friends will go Aaaw! and Ooooooh! whenever you start your laptop at the local coffee shop:

And for exactly that situation our excited friend Tom made a video:

Five Tips to Maximize the Cinnamon Desktop

I guess the more clever among you have already played around with all the funny shit, so it’s no news to you. For the rest of Cinnamon noobz this video is worth its weight in gold. And, just to be perfectly honest, I didn’t see anything I can’t do in Mate neither. So, pfffrz! 😉 But anyhoo, I’m not angry with you if you stick to Cinnamon, not even disappointed in your taste. You so lucky, guys. 🙂

So go, play, experiment, test, look around, let the power of Linux impress you once more and end up with the prettiest system you’ve ever seen. And rest with the good feeling you did it all by yourself! 🙂


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