Cheap Powerful Desktop PCs to Test Linux On!

Looksie here:

Actually much nicer than a crappy lappy

See kidz, nice auntie Orcsi always thinks about you and your wallets. Same as Lenovo does, Dell, too, pushes a lot of refurbished office machines into the second hand market. And let me tell you, these machines make your perfect partners for endless hours of linux.iso files intallation fun and experimentation.

Try out dozens of Linuxes, with some luck you’ll find  something nicer for you than Orca’s stupid recommendations. Check out KDE/Plasma on a Manjaro, SuSE or Netrunner or KDE Neon, distro. They all super duper good, so I’ve been told.

Plus you’ll have a powerhouse compouter that, in liaison with a clever heavy hitting Linux will guarantee you years of perfect computing experience. 🙂

Good goods …

BUT don’t pay the bloated prices of BoingBoing’s Shop! Rather check the shady thriftstore down at the corner, as they will be much cheaper and you can obtain a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse with it right away.

… from a trustworthy shop.

In case there are no corners where you live, you can of course order your new ‘puter from BoingBoing. You can do whatever you fukn fancy anyhoo! I mean, who am I telling you what to do. As long as you end up happily, with a freshly installed Linux on a dedicated computing machine, I’m a happy hippo.

And, as always, guys n dollz, please remember and take into account, this is a participation blog. Orca will hand out gold glitter stars to every reader who responds with a photo of their “new” Linux computer in action.



    • That’s the way! More save than buying from an individual. When you buy from offices or leasing companies the machines are usually refurbished, tested and everything in working order and with a brandnew Wndows installed. That’s how I received my 3 Lenovos. Of course I deleted the Win right away! 🙂


  1. 🙂 I am more comfortable with the idea of getting a refurbished computer from the actual manufacturer.

    However, one will always get their computer at a cheaper price at a thrift store.

    Have a great day, Orca.

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    • Mhm, when you buy from a thrift store demand a warantee of at least 3 mth and they must give you the option to start up the PC before you make the purchase and drop your woolongs on the table. And tell them you also want the monitor, mouse and keyboard!!!

      Aaaaand I wouldn’t buy anything that’s not by Lenovo, HP or Dell’s professional product lines.

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  2. Humble me agrees with everyone replying here, except for Orca 😉

    Nothing wrong with a ‘lappy’ … just shop for them when they are closer to half price (in America that would be around the start of a new school year). Refurb lappies can have display problems (cracks, etc) which is why I rather buy a new one on sale. Dell & Lenovo recently had some good sales on new ones.

    Dell has a long list of refurbs on sale now…starting at 179 Gringo Dollars.

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    • Yeah, that’s what I’d pay at my local outlet store as well, for SFF Lennies and Dells. Fantastic value. But I don’t wanna dabble with dual cores anymore. Even the 1st gen i5-650 of MiniMe was a tad slow for my taste. Not that he didn’t swallow all kinds of Linuxes without a fail, was just no big fun to work on.


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