Booked a Holiday

… on Scarif.

Scarif “The Beautiful” as we know it from postcards …

Was obviously not the most smart thing to do, as I witnessed a short but brutal skirmish between government troops and a little rag-tag group of anarcho-environmentalists. I can still hear them screaming their battle cry “Greta! Greta! Greta!” and something about “Air Force One be with me” or sumsuch hippie mantra. And then the situation quickly got out of hand when the aforementioned force showed up in numbers and suppressed those nagging anti-fun terrorists.

Boy, that was a bummer and ruined my vacation plans.

… and the disheartening reality on the ground. These poor overworked riot police ordered me off the beach and confined me to my hotel room. Fuk, the mini bar prices are super expensive. Did you know that? I only had three shots, to calm the nerves … and my whole budget was gone. Worst afternoon EVER! 😮

As not to be expected otherwise the situation soon turned ugly, and I’ve even heard about some people on both sides were deaded. And then the government shuttled our travel group off planet and even had to call in the exterminator to destroy the whole holiday resort. The infestation with hippies had become too great and only radical measures would help. Is what they told us. And I tend to believe our government. Don’t you?
Hippies vs police: Forseeable result. :/

Totally shitty vacation! 😮

And the weather was rather rubbish, too. Not entirely as advertised. :/


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