Karmi vs Arch

Heyhoo fellow humans, penguins and Archies!

Was just browsing thru the interwebz and visited Karmi’s bloggy as I do every so often. That thing is something. Karmi is rather radical in his views, and relentless, which makes him funny/infuriating to read. In his latest article he fired a broadside against my personal favourite Linux distro, the mighty Arch.

Arch is mighty!

An article that demands an answer, methinks. But first let’s have a quick peek what it’s all about:

Answer’s a simple NO!

Unfortunately and typically, Karmi disallows all sorts of love letters and fan mail, so I’m gonna answer here. His post deserves, nay, cries for a thoroughly thought out reply. And since this is my blog and I can do whatever I fancy here, an answer he shall get. But first please take 2 or 3 minutes and read Karmi’s original in full.

So he mentioned two points. We will check those: First point of criticism was Arch’s allegedly poor hardware detection, to whcih I can just say NO! Not at all true. Arch is one of the most up-to-date Linux distros, probably even the single-most up-to-date distro!

Sorry, not supported by Arch Linux

Any software and app that becomes available for Linux – Arch will have it first! And that includes drivers for peripherals and internals. If Arch won’t run your printer from the early pleistocene age, no other distro will.

No, in all earnesty, your editrix never encountered any problems with peripheral and internal computer parts and tools. Now to be fair I gotta mention I don’t believe in personal printing, so I dunno what printers are supported. When I need a printout I take a USB flashdrive, go to the post office or internet café and print it out there.

Everything else works as supposed: USB sticks, external hard drives, mice, cameras, SD cards, all kinds of shit.

Coming to think of it, it’s only logical that Arch is so good with hardware detection:

It’s a rolling release distribution. Everything that is new will be rolled out to the various Arch derivatives immediately. So we Archies receive everything long before the shit lands in other distros. So, in a slight variation of Karmi’s favourite saying:

If Arch can’t run your most exotic components, no other distro can!

Karmi’s second point of concern was the leadership crisis. Yes. Mhm, the old project lead entered a new stage in his life and left his position up for grabs. That’s hardly a crisis or a problem but just natural for every sort of organisation. It’s called generational change and happens in sports clubs, commercial companies, political parties and last but not least, in every other Linux distro as well!

And the Arch developers group solved the situation in a grown up and very democratic manner: By vote!

Cool eh, who would’ve thought they’d come up with such a novel political idea? But they did and, hey presto, have a new majority voted project lead. Congratz boyz and grrlz. Very well done. 😉

Okay, one last thing needs clearing up: Karmi finished his article withn following question:

Anyway, if you’re thinking about trying Arch or one of the Arch-based Distros, then you should probably reconsider. If you have already been using Arch or an Arch-based, then you might ask yourself ‘Why?

Okay, that was a direct question. And I indeed asked myself why I’m on Arch – and not for the first time, I can promise you that. I don’t have much self-esteem and consider myself a mom n pop computer user, not an expert for anything. But these are the reasons why I am running Arch Linux:

  • It’s a Rolling Release distro, always updates to the newest available software, programs, drivers, apps. Quite contrary to Debian derivatives I’m reminded daily that my distro’s maintainers are still actively doing their “jobs” and thinking about my wellbeing. I feel in very good hands.
  • The supposed instability and unreliability of Arch distros is a myth. When you’re not trying to run Manjaro with the Mate desktop, nothing bad will happen. Updates are checked and checked again before they are rolled out ton the end users.
  • Even if an update doesn’t finish and breaks up with error messages – it doesn’t matter. You’ll be able to use your distro same as before, and in a few hours/days the boys upstream will have found a solution and  your update will finish flawlessly. You computer your data and your work wasn’t in any danger at any time.
As stated: Debian is certifiably boring. :/
Debian user, busy saving the planet!
  • But arguably the most compelling argument why I run Arch Linux with such great conviction: Arch makes you sexy!!!
Very sexy Arch!




  1. If I used Arch/Archies I wouldn’t use printers or scanners, or USB docks, or Wi-Fi, etcetera etcetera either. Why not? Because Arch is too focused on the kernel and doesn’t pay attention to getting the drivers right…,thusly, I’d just use a USB and take it someplace that had an OS that knew what a printer was. Arch/Archies are terrible at hardware recognition – and that latest “bestest” kernel doesn’t help them at all.

    Got any new hardware? Like a Ryzen processor for example. More than likely, Arch isn’t going to recognize it either.

    Maybe Arch/Archies works better on old hardware, but my oldest computer has a 2016 MoBo w/ i5 6600k (Arch works on it)…Ryzen APU computer gives Arch/Archies problems.

    Now, Arch will have elections every two years to decide who runs things there for the next two year … I suspect their developers will be wasting too much time running for election and/or voting – *AND* not enough time working on their already renown hardware recognition problems.

    I merely asked the question, is “Arch Linux having Leadership Problems?,” Aaron Griffin is the one who wrote “The Future of the Arch Linux Project Leader” at the Arch “DOS” Linux site. 😉

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    • Hi Karmi, yes, Aaron wrote the message about him stepping down. If you consider that mundane everyday business a leadership problem then, sorry, can’t help you any further.
      As far as I know the drivers/compability with CPUs is kernel business, not distro specific.
      Ugh, if I had a couple woolongs I’d go and buy an AMD setup right now, on the spot, and prove to you how nice it all will run. When my guruine converted me to Manjaro, in 2012 I guess, she was on AMD processors with all her machines. That was way before Ryzen, and still everything werked just perfectly. Name in SL: Jean Horten. I don’t know if she’s still active. But you could try to contact her her in world or send an offline IM. I guess she’ll happily educate you about how to get stuff sorted.


    • My arch runs on a Ryzen 3900X, before that it ran on a Ryzen 2700X. No problems so far. That’s a real arch, not one of those wanna- be-arches Orca seems to favour.

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      • Yeah, that’s what I figured…its probably the Ryzen 5 3400G (APU) vega graphics that causes many Linux Distros to fail. I will be testing that Ryzen 9 3900X *OR* the Ryzen 7 3800X later this year, on my main AMD Linux test computer. You use a Nvidia or AMD gpu?

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          • Hoohoo lovely Trappy!
            I have no clue about AMD but from what I hear Linux has no problem with the real procis but tends to fail the APUs. My own tests never came to be since my HP AMD powered laptop was stolen by some messenger or courier service. And since it was NBB’s last machine they refunded me without sending a new lappy. 😦

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      • My wannabe Arch, Archman GNU/Linux, is 100% Arch compatible, my dear Anon. If I understood the Turklish of the main dev correctly, it tuns into a regular Arch after install. Just with the DE and a handful softwares already on top. Stuff we’d install anyways. So it’s more or less just an Arch installer.
        Manjaro, yeah, that’s a wannabe.
        Archman ain’t!
        Archman is the real McCoy!

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    • LOL, Chrome is doing what Chrome does. Being less-than-stellar to its users. I’m on Netscape/Firefox since 25 years, actually since day 1. Never even tried anything different, apart from short-term tests, and have never been disappointed by my browser.
      Why everyone’s running away from Mozilla to fuxn Google escapes me. Like totally. I have no tolerance for such blatant human failure.

      Oh, and of course I used Microsoft’s Internet Explorer too. Anyone remember we needed that shitty thing to download and install Firefux. 🙂


      • Yeah, Firefox has been my main browser forever…only use Chrome when I have 2 blogs and/or 2 Fantasy Football teams, etc. because I don’t like changing my passwords to bounce from one to the other in Firefox. Would add another browser if I had 3 of anything (my Tor browser is too slow). Chrome might be having a WP problem today…no problem with admin stuff or posting, but its not recognizing ‘Linuxnewbie’ Karmi for some reason. Hate MS Explorer. May test the new ‘Linux’ Edge in the future, but haven’t liked it in WIN10 so far.

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        • OK…had to delete and reinstall Chrome for some reason. Might should start planning to dump Chrome and start using Edge as a second browser. ‘Linuxnewbie’ has Tux inside Om and I now see it as I reply here.

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          • Microsoft, Google … Doesn’t matter. I consider them all all as hostile territory. But Edge might be a tiny bit more tolerable … less intolerable than Chrome. Can’t you at least use Chromium and try to be a halfways good person?
            WTF is Om?


    • Welcome to the club, Neil. As you can imagine, Orca is another multiple profile of a very sweet but fanatically private lady as well. But only using one browser. I don’t know if my real life puppet player even knows what an interwebz browser is in the first place. She would be too stupid and gurly to get that Linux stuff neither. 😮


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