Positive Side Effects of Corona Virus

The air clears up!

That’s pretty cool, ain’t it? That one wannabe viral virus fights international capitalism and saves the planet in one fell swoop!

Read all about it in The Business Insider. Business? What business? Dear capitalists, you gonna be shut down, China is just a starting point. And all around the world people will sit at home, fully payed, learning to proper enjoy life again. All around the world … without the USA. They don’t have any worker’s protection laws over there.





  1. I remain confused that our mega germaphobe dotard continues speaking at large gatherings.

    I have been quietly starting a survival food kit. I might finally see a reason Life has given me 3+ yrs of learning to survive on no income.

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    • No income? None at all? How you survive that? I once tried and soon was so fukn broke I had to start working again. :/ I guess it’s not possible anymore to live from the flotsam and jetsam the sea washes ashore alone. Plus the regulatory authority said camping on the beach is illegal. 😮


      • The 1st year I lived on my savings. For the past 2 I’ve cashed very small amounts of retirement investments… about 8% of my former income and far below the poverty line. I should apply for food programs but haven’t.

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  2. 2nd US death announced; something like 5 or 7 states now have cases with unknown source of transmission. And dotard is actively blocking the CDC from talking about it, while claiming it’s fake news and a Democrat ploy to defeat him.

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    • Stupid eh? He could acknowledge the corona virus and blame it on CHINA! Win/Win.
      And why’s he so afraid of the dems? They are in full self-destruction mode. I guess Trump will win the next election … uncontested.


      • I’ve known since he got in that he’d get a 2nd term… the forces that got him there last time are still in play. Unless, as I said in my post, the coronavirus goes full pandemic. Then his wealthy backers will be mad about losing money and his “average citizen” backers will be furious about attempts to restrict their freedom.

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    • But your NW coast is so pwetty! Oregon must by my favourite state. And don’t forget the Corona virus is a virus which means it speads. And compared to the regular flue it’s kinda deadly and we don’t have a vaccine. Also the 80,000 body count probably happened because nobody could afford the shot … and the churches are forbidding such frivolities anyway. 😮


  3. In developing countries, corona pandemic is going to bring some good things also ! People will not spit on roads , public places, maintain hygiene in homes , restaurants, parks , public transport modes will get neat and clean, health habits, diet habits will improve. Let’s talk about positive sides too !!!😀😀

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    • “People will not spit on roads”
      I don’t see that changing anytime soon and I also see that as a developing country’s problem. Ppl are behaving like pigs everywhere, and the worst examples I’ve seen in the USA.


      • That’s unfortunately true Orca. But there would be some positive progress although not 100%. It all depends on attitude, mindset and culture. What you are seeing is arrogance, exploitation of resources with no care for society. It’s really sad.

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        • Oh, I made a typo in my comment:
          “I also see that as a developing country’s problem.”

          I was supposed to write “I DON’T see that …” but was obvsly overtired and din’t pay attention to my own words.

          As I’m living in a kinda fully industrialized country with a lot of development to do, I don’t see ppl polluting any worse than in any other country. Since shops are charging for plastic bags at least one problem is fully solved. 😉


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