Public Service Announcement: Help for Thumbnails in Mate DE

Howdy peeps,

I found an option to get rid of the stupid thumbnails showing up unsolicited in the new Mate 1.24. Respectively it was hubby coming up with the solution. See, I said it since years and years: Males aren’t entirely as useless as general wisdom says they are. I mean, ok, yes they are pretty dumb and no good – but not like totally bad, and sometimes even quite practical to have. =^.^= Let’s imagine us gurlz as particularly spoiled katz. Boyz be the tuna tin openers.

Have a peek at my desktop free of thumbnails:

See my mouse hovers over the panel and nothing bad happens
The solution: Navigate your mouse slightly right of the Menu, right click and in the box just check ‘Hide Thumbnails’, or sumfink like that. Dunno how you say it in English. :/

Y’all proud of WonderOrca now?


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