Orca Recommends

Hei! 🙂

Orca’s list of recommended Linux distros is fairly short, as you know there is no need to carry a lot of ballast. This is my personal favourites, use at your own peril, other “experts” might have a completely different list for you. But this is mine. And it changed quite recently. Totally! Not a single item in my two-piece list is still in it, as I slaughtered a holy cow, meaniepooface me. And the list grew by one item, isn’t that great?

But let’s have a look first and let me explainify underneath:

For n00bz:

For adultz:

First the big shocker!

I kickered the universally beloved Linux Mint off my list!!! 😮

Meddlesome Mint be gone!

Sorry guys but it was too overbearing and nanny-like for my taste, and too authoritative and obtrusive for new users. Just because you’re a new Linux user doesn’t mean you got to be treated like a kindergarten kid. You’re a fully formed responsible adult, aren’t you? So you don’t want your fukn operating system to treat you like a special needs doofus!

Fuk off Minty Goodness!

Instead I decided to lift Sparky Linux, a nice small unobtrusive Debian distro, into the void Mint left. Sparky comes in Mate, Xfce and LXQt flavours of which I recommend only the mighty Mate desktop. It’s the best in my not so humble view.

The minty fresh lady can stay. We assume she’s a smart lesbian and uses LMDE! =^.^⁼

Sparky ain’t a dedicated n00bie distro. But neither is Mint. Sparky is just super duper easy to install and – thx to Mate – also super duper easy to operate and maintain. But it’ll disappear from your mind and sight, and won’t get on your nerves with all the shit you don’t have time for.

But, fear not my Cinnamon fans, I added the brandnew Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) to my list, which is still in BETA but should be released pretty soon, and comes of course exclusively with Mint’s very own Cinnamon desktop. As usual with LMDE it’s not entirely as comfy as Mint’s Ubuntu version but still new user friendly and, first of all will treat you like an adult, self-determined person!

She got the spark from Sparky Linux!

If you know your way around Mint, feel free to check the Beta but be aware there ain’t no update path. So once LMDE4 is finally released you gotta do a fresh install. Here’s a video about the pros and cons and problems with the Beta version:

So with standard Mint out of my short list, we’re finally rid of all Ubuntu based shit and can finally, even as blind n00bz, say we’re on geeky Debian. Cool! 🙂 Feeling empowered already?

Teenage girls
Advanced, proper adult Linux users! (probably on Arch)

Now into the adult section, which consists of one item, and one item only! Even a hot contested item. It is, typically for Orca, an Arch-based distribution. As you might know I’ve tested many distros, many Archies as well, but only ever used two as long-term daily riders and “production systems”: Manjaro and Namib GNU/Linux.

A while ago – out of desperate need – I swapped operations from the great Namib over to very similar but maybe even better Archman GNU/Linux.

https://scontent.fcpt7-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-1/11060908_840819975993528_54145885189401849_n.jpg?_nc_cat=100&_nc_sid=dbb9e7&_nc_ohc=RPX3Tdzg1gQAX_KbTDP&_nc_ht=scontent.fcpt7-1.fna&oh=6f6c192af286b349113d0f6616cdc1b3&oe=5EB6454DWhile I arrogate of having just enough authority to give absolute n00bs a good recommendation about what to use as first distro, I would never dare telling adult users to follow my good example. It’s what I use. Personally, and according to my own, not mass-compatible taste.

I guess once you’re at a stage to divert from your … let’s not call Sparky and LMDE n00b distros, coz they are definately not; and wanna try something a teensy tiny bit more ArchmanLogocomplex, you know what you’re doing and don’t need my halfbaked, wannabe expert recommendation. It’s just what I decided on, independently and kinda knowing what I did and why. It’s what makes me happy and my life easy.

Anyhoo, Archman comes in various tastes, like Manjaro and Namib do too, of which I decided on the mighty but oldfashioned Mate desktop. It’s a personal thing, your milage may vary.



    • Clem also once admitted that LMDE was running faster than the Ubu version. And everybody was like so why you still on Ubu as your main squeeze? And Clem was like … Ugh. :/

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