GagaMore Makes Me Proud

\o/ Hoohoo! \o/

November 14, 2019 was a terrible day. South African police and traffic dept conspired against Oubaas, and … MiniMax dieded on me. 😮 As I wrote this was the umpteenth’, time his mobo quit service so I shut him off and put the newest member of my machine park into service as daily rider and main production machine.

And since nothing has changed on the MiniMax front, Gagamore is still doing a job he was never supposed to do. And it does so adorably well. Considering his tiny miniature form format one wouldn’t believe what a powerhouse that thing is.


Really. I mean look at that thing. Most people would use it as media center in the living room or for the kids or embedded machine for simple tasks in the office. But in Orca’s blog bureau the little GagaMore, a Lenovo ThinkCentre M900, runs nearly 24/7 since November and I do all kinds of stuff with it. Even checking into the graphically challenging world of Second Life sometimes.

And yes, the fan starts spinning and my little wonder gets hot to the touch but he does it! Without complain, without fail. And as soon as I log out of SL he turns back to whisper quiet operation. And thinking I paid a measly 250 woolongs for this thing, including warrantee, I slowly start asking myself if I really need a powerful gaming computer like MiniMax or if I should just go with Lenovo’s teenietinies for good. They run Linux as if they never had anything else on their minds, never complain, always work and don’t need any maintenance. Clever construction keeps dust and schmutz outside the tiny cases, heat management seems to be totally in order. Absolutely no problems!

IO shield is complete enough for my humble needs

Hmmm, really. I could get more than 4 GagaMore’s for 1 Minimax. And apart from the weak graphics, GagaMore is equally as fast, if not faster than MiniMax. 😉

Makes one think, no?



    • Very small. 😉
      I love my slightly older and weaker Gaga so much I felt compelled to give her a nearly identical twin brother. Fortunately we have a computer store not too far away, who mainly deals in Lenovo and Dell stock that comes out of leasing contracts and is sold off for reasonable prices.


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