The Race is On!

Ladies and Gents,

haven’t I promised you no more Linux shit for today?

Yes, I did.

And … well, I lied. :/

But not because me’s a meaniepooface but YouTube recommended a video for me. An offer I couldn’t resist. Here, this one:

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Install Wars! Today we have a THRILLING race to behold as three operating systems — Windows 10, Linux Mint 19.3 and the brand new Manjaro 19 — face off to see which is the fastest, and which one gets left in the dust. Featuring special commentary by Jason “Caffeine Overload” Evangelho. LET’S RACE!

Windows 10:…

Manjaro 19:

Linux Mint 19.3:

I guess I don’t have to tell you again about all the advantages of Linux over Windows, so I won’t. Just wanted to show you how a real life, real time installation plays out on the different systems.

But let’s admit something the guy conveniently forgot to mention: Linux distros usually need an initial update to get them up to date with the last valid system version. Dunno if that’s done in Windows as well, in Linux it may take up to half an hour. But contrary to Windows updates, in Linux you’re not kicked offline and can’t do anything, but you can already become productive while your PC updates under the hood. You can also time  the updates for when it’s convenient for you. For example when you’re sleeping or are out to work or sumfink.




    • Oh!
      I’m hearing horror stories about people getting knocked off games and out of conference calls when Windows updates. Anyway, that you won’t get a chance to decide yourself at what time you wanna update is already bad enough. Microshit doing real monetary damage here.
      We’ve all seen the viral video of the Swedish gamer who was on livestream when an update hit and knocked him out of the battle in front of an audience of hundreds of ppl … and he was like 😮


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