The Cuddly Linux Distro: Sparky

Hello, another post of Linux overkill on this blog. But I’ll try and make it the last for today. Promised.

As most of you will know I already made some posts about SparkyLinux in the past and I always had a soft spot for it. Then, when they got rid of the Mate desktop, not any longer. But now they got Mate back, so I lurve Sparky again. 😉

Will try to show you now, in a handful of screenshots, why I love it so much and why it could be the right distro for you, too:

Sparky is a Debian but unlike the “real” Debian it’s super easy to install and comes with a super easy Mate desktop preconfigured. This is right up Orca’s alley since she’s such a basic bitch and loves simple unobtrusive stuff that just wörkz. Before we  even get to look at the desktop we already get a prompt to update our freshly installed system. Yes, we want!
Depending on your internetz connection the update goes nice and fast or takes forever. Don’t blame Sparky for it!
Okay, now this is the desktop. Standard Mate, nice and unspectacular. We’re gonna change that. 🙂
Why we prefer Mate over Xfce: We can mod everything in a fast and concise manner, using graphical menus. Notice the changed wallpaper? They aren’t great, but as Linux fraggelz we gonna kick ’em out and use our own walls, right?
Yes, we get a terminal too. But no worries, you won’t need it … ever!
Otoh it’s nice to install the little info software neofetch, and see what’s what. What you see is Gaga’s unimpressive specs. Sparky still running like a race car on steroids.
Not going to show you all the software on the system but you can browse the Orcablog like a bosslady! Using our fave Firefox.
And, what many Ubu/Deb based OSes won’t do without some geeky trickery: No problem to install a Second Life viewer! My little brother Neotel says hello from the nuclear polluted Wastelands sims.
Watching YouTube videos werkz as well. What more do you want? Oh, real software? Yeah, I guess it’s all there, office and multimedia stuff galore. And you know when something isn’t preinstalled in any Linux distro you get it inside of two minutes at no extra costs.

Ok, I guess I owe you an explainification: To snap these screenshots took me roundabout as much time as you needed to look at them and read the captions. Honest now, the total time I’ve spent on Sparky was about 15 minutes! Ok, it’s on Mate DE and I know my way around thereabouts, but it is indeed so fukn simple, everybody with a history in Win XP and Win7 should know instinctively what to do and where to find anything.

And here comes my second confession: If I wasn’t so hooked up on Archy stuff, Sparky would be my home! Honest now. It’s not loud, it’s not famous, nobody’s talking about but it is on #26 in the DistroWatch charts with no tendency to go up or down. That’s Rock Solid Stable on a differnt level. 😉 I can appreciate that and, honest again, I personally prefer Sparky over Mint. 😮 It’s actually super spanky and should be cool on your older hardware. I’m even thinking about taking Sparky with us to Germany instead of my stalwart Archman. 😮


There, I said it.

So if you’re a basic bitch, too, and can live with Mate instead of the fancy Cinnamon, Sparky comes highly recomended.

Go, get it from here.

And here’s what some users had to say about this best kept secret of the Linux world:

  • I recently discovered Sparky Linux while looking for a lightweight distribution in oder to revive my 2007 Acer Aspire laptop. Unfortunately the 64-bit version did not work, but the 32-bit version runs like a charm. How did i not discover this gem before?

    Keep up the great work.

  • Una distribución maravillosa basada en Debian testing, ligera, muy rápida y con LXQT de serie. Buenísima

  • sparky is the “best” distribution i’ve ever experienced, better than windows and mac, it’s fast secure and reliable, i finally found the best of the best

    thanks to all readers

  • la mejor distro Debian para PC antigua tanto como nueva… veloz y eficaz!
    graciass Sparky y gracias Linux…

Oh yes, I guess you can get it in LXQt flavour as well, and a kinda net installer so you can add your favourite desktop. But who wants that? He, I’m making this bloggo for newcomers, not for expert Linux tinkerers! Coz those experts know what they’re doing and surely won’t need any inspiration by an overly excited blogbish.

So, you cool with lightning fast Linux, you cool with oldstyle easy peasy computing – Sparky is for you!

Video. Wanna watch?

Dunno what Egee’s on about. Gaga didn’t freeze when I changed the theme.


    • Oh yes, in both versions, normal Mint and LMDE. But only later for reviews and tests. Because before I could get really warm with Mint/Xfce (my first ever Linux) I was kidnapped by my Linux guruine and set on a strict regime of Manjaro/Mate. And the rest is history.


        • I once tried Knoppix but found out it’s not installable but only a live thingy. Nothing for my needs. After that experience it took me 2 or 3 years until I tried Linux again.


  1. […] Did the Minty guys finally use Debian 10 as base for LMDE? A couple months late and even lagging behind slowpoke vanilla Debian? Let’s hope so. Clem and his fellow devs are treating LMDE like Manjaro treats the Mate desktop: Like an unwanted stepchild. 😦 But just wait for when Ubuntu become finally to dank to do anything with it. Tha day you’ll see LMDE coming of age and growing into the mostest bestest Debian … ever. Until then Orcs stays on supidupi cool Sparky. […]


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