Disney: A Head is Rolling!

Unfortunately not Kathleen Kennedy’s. 😮

Well, as long as anything happens it’s ok, I guess. Can’t get any worse now can it? At least the Disney bigwigs are reacting to the pissed-off fandom/sinking profit. I can’t understand, tho, why Iger didn’t fire Kennedy’s ass with lots of fanfare first. And also everybody in any decision making position at Disney Star Wars … and then quit himself.

Now he’s leaving unfinished business behind. 😐




      • It’s genuinely been sad to watch the brand go from “happiest place on earth” to greedy-est. 16 yrs ago a friend got me a Disneyland annual pass for $99. That no longer covers the cost to go for a single day and I think the pass is now close to $2,000. The used to close the park at 60,000 visitors… it was very common and people knew to be there early. I think the cap is now 150,000-200,000… whatever it is, it’s high enough to make the news if they close. It’s not uncommon to get on less that 10 rides in a 14hr summer day. I used to do that in 4hrs.

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        • I never understood the concept of those carnival rides. When you’re a passenger with me you get all the excitement for free. =^.^=


          • lol!!
            DLand used to be really great for fun and an immersive atmosphere. Walt used to take his grandkids on rides, before opening thg hem to the public, to ensure they were fun but not scary). Now the parks are just crowded & expensive.

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            • Hah! My cars and bikes are never crowded, and not expensive at all. And the way I usually drive it’s pretty exciting for my passengers. Not sayin’ jus’ sayin’ 🙂


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