ZZ, Saphy, Liv and Jacqui

The Bellisseria Travelers Club

Believe it or not, Orca was in world. Even a bit longer than her usual 5 minutes. She logged on in order to check one of a bunch of landmarks ZZ had sent out. One of them was the Bellisseria Travelers Club, where you can obtain all of Saphy’s and Foneco’s freebie vehicles from a stylish cabinet.

Klik and it’s all yours! And don’t forget to say Obrigado in the visitor log.

Of course I did this, and neglecting ZZ at the same time, while IMing with Liv about Vivi’s Free Spirit Cup. Pheeew, SL is sooo fukn stressful. 😮 I’m too old for dealing with so many ppl.

Original prim build Trudeau 32 from 2006 or so.

So after I got rid of both girls by acting all aloof and antisocial I checked out a really rare beast Liv told me about. But psssht, this stays strictly between us, ok? Remember the Trudeau32? Cheapo beginners boat from Trudeau’s early days. In principle nothing but a slightly bigger oldtimey looking Tako cabin cruiser, with no real cabin. But was fun as my second boat after the legendary Tako.


Well, following a hint by Liv I snooped around JacquelineTrudeau’s sim, and at considerable height I found this nice thing. A meshy Trudeau 32. Which means after 14 or 15 years Jacqui Trudeau is coming full circle.


Of course the amount of finely sculpted meshes and the details are a thousand times higher and better than in the original boat. Hmmm, could this be another boat for my big tour … if and when I ever continue it? I just need a new mobo and cpu before I can do that …


Below decks is a whole different world from the old 32, since that one didn’t even have a salon and was just makebelieve. Here we find a galley, a mess, a settee and a double bunk for two happy sailors. Only things missing are a pump out and a navi nook. But the boat isn’t finished yet so we gotta wait and see how many extras and creature comforts Jacqui is willing to disperse to the masses of sailors.



  1. OOh, exciting. A travelers club? I still have my house boat at Bellisseria but I never travel there. I’ll have to check that out. The place is growing so fast there might be actual other things to do as well. And do I need a 14th sailboat? Maybe!

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    • Well, “travelers club” is maybe a bit braggy. It’s not like the British geographic society or sumfink. It’s just what ZZ and Sapphy called one of their 3 houses on Bellisseria. Those girls not only seem to have lots of alts but their alts are premium as well. 🙂
      And … YES! Of course you need a 14th sailboat!!! I’m suprised and shocked that you have less than 14. Shocked! You hear me? I have already 50 or so different Takos, all modded copies of one original boat. With different sails and hull, design sets. And then of course almost all Trudeau, WildWind and Bwind boats. Some Bandits, Manul freebies and boats from here and there. Plus a buncha powerboats from various builders, mostly Anu and Ana.


      • I can only imagine your entire fleet cruising across the Blake Sea 🙂 I have much newer and fancier rides but you will see me most times on my beloved Loon with the flamingo spinnaker.

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        • To be perfectly honest, my most fave boat ever is Qyv’s M24, which is by now also hardly to be seen anywhere on the grid anymore. 😦 Still lovin’ it to bits.

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  2. Well we are a group that allows any person to post events related to Bellisseria in the ways of enjoying its vast landmass without the need of teleporting.
    We also send notices regarding events that are focused on promoting Bellisseria.
    There are other Bellisseria groups that promote several kinds of uses for vehicles, ours is mainly to spread the word about those besides their own .

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    • OOh cool! Paricularly the “no TP” part got me. I know of some lazy buggers who dont even get out of bed without TP. 😦 And they never, like never ever, got to cross a simborder. Because why? If you need to get somewhere over there … TP!


    • Is no tanktop, is tye-dye dress. But thx, I liked it too. Dunno if I’ll be able to still wear it after I finally adapt to mesh body. 😐


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