Linus About Linux

Linus Sebastian, not Torvalds that is. A hardware guy, and as gamer-focused YouTuber not necessarily a Linux expert. So the more interesting he made a video about the many advantages of Linux. Watch the shit:

Well, he does that from time to time, every other year or so. So don’t expect Linus Tech Tips becoming a Linux channel anytime soon. :/ Eventhough Linus is just paying lip service in order to look good and hip, it’s still nice to hear some mainstream computer guy talking about Linux at all. Isn’t it?



  1. Well his audience is mainstream but I imagine Linus knows quite a bit about Linux, the dude has a full rack server in his own house and Linus Media Group server is no doubt on Linux running virtual machines.

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    • Mrs Waters!!! Long time no comment from you. Don’t let that happen again! 😉
      Yes, I guess Linus knows enough about Linux but it never gets enough space on his channel. I know Luke had a little fling on it for a while and I guess some of his minions are also Linux affin but Linus himself only cares about the server side, not the fun side.


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