Moarnink peepelz, I don’t know, I’m too stupid, I’m not an expert in Linuxens loooong history or whatev but I know there once was (or still is) a kinda Linux distro around, called Linspire. Far as I know some computer manufacturers used to put it on the machines to sell them “with OS” when they wanted to save the bucks for Windows … or sumfink.

Linspire was never supposed to be used by anyone, and no-one cared about it. You got your computer – and you put Windows on it and ok, cool.

Linspire/Freespire website is hosted on Google’s very own BlogSpot blog system. Odd choice, and highly suspicious. Must be an American Linux distro, since they are pretty inconsequential and sticking to industry standards rather than Linuxy standards. :/ Had they at least used WordPress and some Linux powered host system …

From this obscure Linspire project, which for some reason or another, is still alive and available there is a new version online now. And contrary to the commercial pay-for Linspire it is fukn freeeeee!!!

Hence the name Freespire!

Old man Jack M. Germain obviously remembers Linspire’s better days vividly. Back when it still had some relevance.

But still it seems suspicious. Is Lin/Freespire in bed with industry giants? Their little free bitch, their dirty little secret?

But Free sounds good, right? We all love freebies! Of course when you gotta pay 5,000 Lindenwoolongs in Second Life just for a standard bento noggin, you hafta save the dough in other places. 😉 And when I heard the Linspire guys droning on about making an easy to use Linux with Gnome2 sensibilities I felt the desperate need to try it out. And I had a weird, unspecified gut feeling about what Freespire was gonna be …

Fuk me! It’s indeed a simple, fast, Linux distro (DebUbu?) with Mate desktop! That’s very pretty cool. I can live with it. At a later stage they will also make a KDE/Plasma version. But for now it’s Mate. If you too stupid to download the ISO you can order a prefab DVD for 15.99 US woolongs. So, that’s their business model? Cool. 😉
Modding Mate to my taste is easypeasy and nothing new. But I notice how spunky the system is running on Gaga. Good first impression. In my head I’m already putting Freespire on OrcNet and taking it with me to Germany …
But then! Oy vey!!! Web browser is Chromium and we search with – of course – Google! Didn’t they just bragg about going full Stallmann, using only FOSS softwares n shit? And then I could already add third party drivers and media codecs during installation and am now a victim of American capitalism, not even 2 minutes after I landed on Freespire. 😮  We’ll keep it for now, can switch to Firefox and reasonable search engines at a later point in time … if  Freespire survives that long on my test machine. You know Orca tends to rash reactions. 😉
First test: Surf to Orca her blog! Yessir. Werkz. Cool! We’ve earned our library card. 😉
Secondly we gotta have a very important task to absolve: Singularity Viewer for Second Life works without a hitch and installs to the system very nicely. Almost as if I installed it from the AUR, totally integrated like a normal software. 😉 Of course Intel’s onboard graphics look like shit 3 seconds after log-in.
Bildschirmfoto zu 2020-02-24 17-56-57
My first attempt of installing Singularity wasn’t very successful since I was trying a hopelessly, outdated viewer version. 😮
Bildschirmfoto zu 2020-02-24 17-57-01
But the screenshot function was available right away. Well, of course it was, else you couldn’t indulge on this very interesting report. =^.^=

Okayyy. Guys, I don’t really know what to say about Freespire. It’s so … odd. In bed with industry giants and official US depts and municipalities but looking like a hobby project. I mean everything worx alright, the system is very mature. But only in its own suspicious ways, know what I mean? And it’s not very well sorted, softwarewise. Lemme find a video I watched yesterday, where our friendly friend Matt Hartley had the same hunch about Freespire’s background.

I guess some more testing is in order. Otoh I’m running my own super fast and oldschool bareboney Mate install on ArchLinux. That’s where I’m at home. Why should I deviate from my course? Freespire should give me a very solid reason to do so. But does it?

Oooh, look what I just found. Seems like I’ve watched this vid already before, back in the olden days of November 2019, even left a commentary in the same tone as most of the others …




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