Manjaro – It’s Arch Jim, But Not As We Know It

Hejsa fellow vikingarne,

didn’t we just read about Manjaro Linux on this shitty bloggy?


And, wanna know more about the number two Linux distro in the world, your gateway to Arch?

Yes, you wanna! You too, Karmi. Shut up!

Follow the Old Tech Bloke on his Manjaro adventure, hear about his feelings and what he finds out and, maybe, decide to try it yourself.


OMG, OTB doesn’t make it easy for himself, absolutely not. He installs Manjaro on a virtual machine, which opens a whole new can of worms and problems. You, my dear darlings, on your dedicated sacrificial scraptops will install directly on the metal. OTB wasted about quarter hour time before he figgered out how to get it right in VM. 😮 We don’t deal with no problems that can easily be avoided!

So with some sort of luck, you have Manjaro running while OTB’s still trying to figure out how to get it on his hardware. Peepelz, really now, ready or not doesn’t matter! Just backup your data, and then install Manjaro and play around with it. Manjaro is as ungeeky and n00b friendly as your Mint … No, it’s not, not entirely. But it’s pretty close to Mint’s awesomeness, availabe with your fave Cinnamon desktop, and should at least be good enuff for giving you a first glance on the system and if you could live with it. Don’t mind OTB using Manjao’s standard Xfce desktop. It’s not sexy.

If it’s not good enuff for you or you not cool enuff for Manjaro, it’s no biggie. Just reinstall your old Minty and there you are.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to peek at all your fellow testers’ comments:

… and there’s more …

Come on, girlfriends, do yourself a favour and escape the patriarchy by installing your first ArchLinux!


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