Archman Linux in Spitting Distance

Lemme show ya a little graphic, a screenshot I just made of the DistroWatch website:

The ultimate shitparade!

See what lingers around there on spot #30? Yeah, it’s Orca’s chosen favourite daily rider and bestest ArchLinux distro she’s encountered yet: Archman GNU/Linux. Is it the perfect Linux distribution? For Orca, yes, but only for her. No, not even for her but she knows how to work around Archman’s weak points and don’t care much about stuff that would drive other peepelz krayzee.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it for yourself. I encourage you to do so! But not now, not when you’re still new and trying to get your bearings straight in Mint. And when you’re ready to try Arch, I’d recomend you start with “Arch Lite”, namely Manjaro which you can find on #2. And only once you’re sure you won’t need all the clutter and ballast and nice things anymore, you shall branch out and try other Arch derivatives, like Archman for example, or the pure, unadulterated Arch Linux (#18) itself.

What I can’t and won’t recomend to anyone anymore, is my former fave distro, Namib GNU/Linux (#183). It seems like frederic2ec has abandoned his project and the only reason it still is up on its humble chart position is me and a handful other concerned Namib users haven’t given up on the project yet and checking in from time to time. But it’s like checking up on a graveyard, hoping for any changes in the status of its inhabitants. You may remember how I warned about using distros that are developed, maintained and retained by single-guy operations. 😐 Namib would be the case in point. :/
Not a real goddess and not quite immortal but Orca was thought to be a UFO from another planet. Pictured here in her Recon Spaceship Nightshade ca. 2008/09

Anyhoo, just wanted to kill some time and show that this blog is still alive … and bragg about my geekyness and unusual choice of Linux distro. As if using Linux, any Linux distro at all, didn’t catapult your brave little editrix into the pantheon of celestial geeks and other immortals and immorals just by the sheer power of her awesomeness! =^.^=
Invading the Sea of Fables!



    • Because Oubaas is fun (when functional) and … real. Not to be underestimated, the realistic part. I have lots of flying, sailing and driving vehicles in SL but they’ll never be able to transport our meat space asses around. 😐


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