Waterfox Browser Sold To Marketing Company System1

Waterfox is a browser which is focused on privacy and boasting “No Telemetry”. It has been sold to Marketing / Tracking company System1 who also own Startpage. History has shown the abuse carried out by marketing companies when they have a high level of access to users browsing habits (see sources). Startpage is also exhibiting signs of showing excessive data collection.

Any of you esteemed readers using the Firefox spin-off Waterfox? It was always deemed to be more secure and even more privacy protecting and Orca was using it on and off, mostly diverting back to Firefox for convenience reasons. And now it looks like that was a reasonable decision … by accident, but in hindsight very reasonable. Since Waterfox is now officially not just in bed with the enemy – they are part of the enemy, its most blunt and brutal weapon. 😦

So guys, deinstall your Waterfoxes (and get rid of Ghostery and your Startpage search engine while you’re at it), stay on Firefox and just care about your browsing habits. Maybe, if you are mentally strong enough, stop buying shit from Amazon and other mail order companies, don’t open just any email that dropped in your inbox and don’t click on any other link you find on the interwebz!

If you’re already on Linux, activate the easypeasy firewall or trust in the firewall as provided by your ISP, or, yes, trust in Linux’ astonishing self-defense capabilities. If you’re still on Windows … why???







    • Yeah, always the same. Last example was Startpage, a very trusted search engine. Sold out like Swoosh, done! And the Waterfox guy cannot tell me he didn’t know it was a crooked move to sell his browser to a marketing company. 😐

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    • Thank you, Neil but I noticed I already liked it, as I was one of the 853 Thumbs Up for Mr. DT.
      We all know, the way the DistroWatch chart comes together (page hits) gives us no serious information … and yet it kinda does, doesn’t it? Heightened interest in a distro gives us at least a trend. We don’t know how many Orcablog readers actually downloaded Mint, even less how many installed it on how many of their computing machines. But what we see is a trend.
      Somehow it seems people are cowards and not very intrested in sexyness in LInux; or else boringly stable MX wouldn’t be on #1 spot. But followed immediately by one of the more sexiest distros on the planet, Manjaro. And Mint on #3 tells us that people are indeed sensitive and sensible, reasonable adults, perfectly capable of doing the right thing. Finding a balance in he power!

      Grandpa Yoda would be so proud of y’all!

      Even the clever Welsh rambler Chris Were told us, after a long absence, that he went from Manjaro back to Mint coz it’s so adorbs.


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