Baibai Namib GNU/Linux


The more attentive amongst you will know that your editrix has left her beloved Namib ArchLinux setup already a while ago. And you know I’m happy now on Archman Linux, maybe even a tiny bit more than I was on Namib. Otoh it’s gotta be said Archman is a Turkish distro and their own forum is mostly in Turkish. No big deal, as Arch Linux aficionado you’ll find a million ways to get help otherwise. But still the personal touch of a one-man-circus like Namib is missing from the much bigger Archman distro.

So I kept on watching the Namib website, and particularly the forum, scouting for signs of life and some activity … to no avail. :/

I was just there again, visited the forum and found it deader than dead.

The latest official messages. 😮

No new version after 19.01! That’s a fukn year ago, ffs! Yes, I know Arch is a rolling release and once it’s installed on your system it’ll roll into eternity. But if you wanna start with Namib now, and only find an installation file from over a year ago … have fun with the initial update. 😮

If it worx at all! 😐

So this morning, actually just cinque minutos ago, I decided not to have a bad conscience anymore and fully indulge in Archman GNU/Linux without looking back. It’s kinda shame, Namib was a bit more nifty than Archman, better organized, had some luxury shit on board Archman doesn’t. Otoh is Archman even more pure ArchLinux than Namib, so I can feel more smug and expert-like now. 😉

Says Tulliana, project lead of Archman GNU/Linux:

Archman Linux is just Arch linux. Fast, visual, stable and easy. In this release, you’ll find Mate Desktop management as a customized, fast, stable, visual, and low resource-consuming system. Of course, the feedback we received from you and the global community was evaluated as usual and included in the installation media. Please see the screenshot and the specific packages below for this version. Please feel free to write to us, make suggestions and provide feedback.

In Namib I had a nifty little box in which I could choose my kernel version. Nice and considerate, like the Manjaro softies doing it too. Not so in hardcore Archman. You get the newest kernel the Arch way, the moment Linus Torvalds gives his ok and it’s sent out. Boom, here you are! Can’t do much against it.

It’s brutal, it’s dangerous, it’s fun for stuntgirls! 🙂

But hey, Linus and his kernel group are responsible people. Moreso after they got rid of the multigendered SJWs who caused a stink last year. The real kernel workers, the code monkeys, the assets, know it’s not just some Debian, Arch and Ubuntu fraggelz putting their trust in them, there are multibillion woolong corporations depending on an up-to-date, robust kernel. So I guess little Orcsi with her 2 or 3 little second-hand computers has no reason not to trust in Linux. And tell you what, Archman’s simplicity has real advantages over the more complicated Namib shit. Resulting in even less problems in Archman than I had in Namib.

Bring it on!


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