Put Linux Mint on Your Computer, Pt. V

Oh my, guys, I’m so sorry for publishing the last and pretty small part of my Mint install series so late, so very late. There is no excuse for my failure to deliver. But I got a very good explainificaton for it: My tardiness, my lazyness and my general apathy. Good enough. Ok, there’s always some of the so-called Real Life in the way, mostly in form of power outages, fitness club interfering … and most of all a very old Oubaas failing at the task of Orca transportation.

Doesn’t matter. I promised to show you how to get some additional programs/apps onto your Minty machine. I mean, ok, that thing is relatively complete but nevertheless we all have some special needs that might not be covered by the OS’s standard collection of included software. So we go freebie shopping!


Ubuntu and Linux Lite may have more fancy freeware malls but this will do and is plenty good enough. The first two rows are often requested and used apps, below that are the specialized categories. Simples!


Here you can install the awesome Blender when you make anime movies for Hollywood. This is all fully graphical, so let no meaniepooface Linux hater tell you that “YOU MUST USE THE COMMAND LINE!” in order to get anything done in Linux. It’s simply not true! You will get around just fine with mouseclickery.


Here I am showing you some pira filesharing softwares, For when you wanna share your latest Blender masterpiece of course. You would never ever abuse any Bittorrent program for illegal activities, won’t you?

Anyway, this is all I wanted to show you today. Guess I don’t need to get into geeky details … since there aren’t any. You got a mouse/trackpad, you’ll figure it all out in a matter of minutes. This is the pure and utter fun side of Linux! Installing Free and Open Source Software that would cost you millions of Woolongs in Windows or MacOS, and play with all the groovy shit and become creative and industrious and … AWESOME!


  1. One of the best things about Linux Mint is the Updater! It lets Mint users enjoy selectively updating! This helps avoid those “broken after updating” problems that seem to be pretty common with Ubuntu-based distros.

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    • Exactly Robin! Welcome back btw. I hope you’re superduper well. The Mint team seems to overthink problems were momma Ubuntu just does nothing. That’s why Mint is so much adorablerer than its hive mother. Clem and his guys are a permanent think tank, trying to make the users’ lifes easier, while Ubu gives them Gnome3, a poopoo kaka OS without any niftyness.

      Your blog somehow disapeared from my sidebar and I don’t receive any notices anymore when you blog something. Gotta investigate.


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