Karmi’s Blog 1st Anniversary

Too bad Karmi’s blocked the comment section of his noteworthy and expert Linux blog so I couldn’t congratulate him over there. But what for do I have my own blog, eh? So I’ll do it here:

Congratz Karmi on 3,000 years dabbling in Linux and giving worthwile opinions and advice since 1 year! Long my you blog on.

More fun and less work this year…that means fewer Distro Review posts (especially desktop reviews). Hey, there are no Linux Desktop Distros that can come close to what Ubuntu LTS has to offer, so I will spend less time reviewing the desktop/laptop Distros, for sure!

Of course do I have my very own, and often deviating opinion from Karmi’s dogma, but that actually is what Linux is all about. It’s a free society, manifested in free software. It would be a shame if we had only one or two monolithic operating systems – say for example Windows and MacOS – and only one or two opinions about them: Love it or loathe it. :/

In Linux we differentiate much more, we may love and hate a piece of software, a desktop  environment, or a whole operating system, and we may still love it for certain parts of it. And we can even make our own Linux, perfect just for ourselves but hated by everybody else. =^.^=

Karmi recognized exactly that freedom and uses it to its utmost in his own blog. He does what no-one else dares anymore in these politically correct times: He deals in absolutes! Good example here:

Hey, there are no Linux Desktop Distros that can come close to what Ubuntu LTS has to offer, so I will spend less time reviewing the desktop/laptop Distros, for sure!

Karmi seems almost happy to report about Linux failing. I see it differently, anyway: Who failed here were the users, not picking up on Linux but waiting it out or buying a new Win10 laptop right away. Can’t be any lamer. But what did we really expect from people and companies who failed to upgrade their IT until it was definately too late and Win7 died? No loss for the Linux community; let Microsoft have ’em and deal with those @$$holes. I hope they’ll turn Windows support into a living hell. 🙂

Besides, the Windows 7 end of life support has come and gone with barely a ‘blip’ in the Linux 2% of total desktop OS usage; heck, can anyone actually tell if that ‘blip’ had a up or down direction? 99.9999% of those Windows 7 users will end up on Windows 10…just a matter of time, since no other OS can compete with Windows 10 for desktop/laptop usage (not even Ubuntu LTS). Guess my ‘WIN 7 series’ has reached its end of life also.

Another thing Karmi handles the same as Orca: Fewer distro reviews.

Even if for slightly differing reasons. Karmi in his usual radical way thinks no other distro comes even close to Ubuntu and that’s a reason to not review them. Like he, I too have my personal favourite distro, my daily rider, and a distro I recommend for everybody new and not me. But still I never gave up looking for the new shiny, the holy grail. So I know for myself I always have he bestest distro … for me and my special needs and tastes. Not the absolutely bestest of the besterestest like Karmi’s Ubuntu. 😉

The reason I don’t do many reviews anymore is just that the whole Linux infrastructure has reached a level of perfection and maturity it didn’t have when I started in 2013. Of the distros coming out in 2019/20, any real duds are far and between. Well, for Karmi everything but his Ubuntu and his Puppy Linux rescue system (whatever that’s supposed to be) are duds.

As I said, different strokes for different folks. There is room for everything and everybody in the Linux “community”. Karmi knows that as well as you and me.


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