If Enterprise Can Do It, So Can You!

Huh? What’s going on?

Enterprise customers believe open-source software is great. In a just-released Red Hat2020 enterprise user report, the Linux and cloud folks from Raleigh found 95% of almost 1,000 enterprise IT leaders thought open-source is “strategically important to their organization’s overall enterprise infrastructure software strategy.”

Enterprise. You know big firms, big corps, big deals, big money, no budget probs. The guys who can buy everything without even thinking twice about Free and Open Source Software. And they have discovered the joys of open source?

Yes, they did!

And proprietary software is in decline?

It sure is!

Soooooo … let me try to grasp that info tidbit and formulate a follow-up question. A question for you, for you dear readers of this poor blogthingy:

If big money sees the benefits of departing from Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Google and other software houses and taking up FOSS products left and right, as it happens everywhere around the globe, right now, as we speak – why the duck are you still clinging onto their outdated dying software and business models? You average person? How dare you???

You have too much money burning holes in your pocket? Are you a masochist? You love to pay for updates that kick you out of your own hardware? You love paying for spyware? You love paying for being the product?

When your corporate bosses force you to work on Ubuntu, SuSE, Oracle or RHEL at your 9 – 5, why the muck are you still computing like a little doofus on a Windows laptop at home?



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