Accidentally …

… I noticed I’ve passed the 5,000 posts mark. \o/ Whoohoo! \o/


That is something, right? Yah, I guess I had quite an output on this bloggothingy. But that’s nothing, look at the number of comments! 9,971! Whoa!

Because, quite contrary to Karmi, I welcome all comments, friendly or hostile. And I don’t ever delete anything. That’s why we have such a lively comment section here – with nearly twice as many comments as actual posts – that sometimes reminds me more of a forum than just a comment space.

It was my goal from day one to be not exclusive but as inclusive as possible. And it shows in the comments.

I call that a huge success!



  1. Gratz Orca, I’ve been lurking you since forever and love your blog. Maybe I will dare to comment here now and then? 10,000 would be cool. Seriously, rather just say hello! Love your thoughts on SL, SA, Oubaas, Hubby and your witty wit in general Sis. Keep at it!

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