Mid-point in the Cup: data and analysis

Vivipezz got her Free Spirit Cup fleet savely to the halfways mark of the season and presents some data and analysis. Most important fact to take home for me was that the sailors have obviously improved in skill and tactics. But read for yourself …



the Free Spirit Cup

Already half way through the Match Race series! Time for a little debriefing…

First of all, some data!

I have consolidated all the results from all the races, with indication of the wind settings for each course and sessions. So here is the table:

Even if the variation in wind muddies the data a bit, we can see a clear improvement across the board as we progress through the competition and sailors get better acquainted with the boat, the courses, the tactics, start procedures and timing. Weeks 3-4-5, with steady wind sets, are quite instructive regarding the progress everyone made.

Much improved starts

The most striking, I think, are the better starts: we see more consistent timing, with a majority of 1-to-4 seconds start in the last weeks compared to the start of the campaign. We can see that practice definitely helps improving one’s timing!

Faster on all legs


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