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Ohayo freshly baked Linux fraggles and other penguins!

Time for yet another peek at the most insignificant chart of top hits ever. Yeah, right, the DistroWatch charts. We all know it’s shit and doesn’t have any resemblence with the real life installation figures out there in kompuda land. Still the DW chart has something to tell us, us, the wise and knowing. And in more than  just one aspect.

But first, before I geek out, let’s have the actual promised lookseewatchee:

The Top 3 today!

Oké, as you can see I narrowed the list down to the Top 3 listed distros. And there hasn’t been any changes in aeons. I guess when Manjaro was pushed from #1 to #2 the Rolling Stones were still young men. What I’m asking is why. Why the fuk is MX on #1 and how does it stay up there?

Remember when the recent version of MX came around, Orca was reasonably cool with it. Particularly since the original Debian 10 turned out rather nasty and unfriendly towards its users. It’s almost as if Debian gives the finger to the united housewives of Linux and kicks us out of the elite club. And MX capitalized on that fact and suddenly was the friendly, the manageable Debian. 😉

Ok so be it.

But then I found out that MX was also rather a one-trick pony and thumbed it down in my assessment. Same happened to Karmi. After initially being over the moon happy with MX he revised his POV and kicked it off his Personal Top 10 list.

That’s 2:0. So why the fuk is MX still on the number one spot on DistroWatch? Why does nobody listen to us?

Find MX anywhere in that expert list?

Mint was also a former #1 but was released by Manjaro and then by MX. But don’t worry, frens, this has nothing to do with Mint’s qualities as a Linux distro. It’s just that Mint is one of the silent distros, the devs are just quietly working, day in day out, without delivering many surprises or fukups or scandals. Project lead Clement Levebrve is famous for not giving any interviews and only conveys as much info as we, the users, need to know.

Apart from that does Mint work like clockwork, reliable and stable, and steadily getting better with each new version.

Manjaro and MX are competely different in that aspect, Manjaro even more in the limelight than MX. And again I wonder how come that a lame-ass Debian-based distro ranks higher than highly fashionable and punky Manjaro?

Should be as easy as your Minty goodness

All that shouldn’t be your concern. Auntie Orcsi knew why she recommended the Minty goodness to you. And it’s friendly and easy to use, no? Okay, cool. As long as you know the world doesn’t start and end with Mint and there is a whole universe of more or less good and servicable Linux distros waiting for you to explore them. Do yourself a favour and stay curious. Try MX for yourself and see why it’s shit. Or make your hands dirty by installing Debian. Or, best case scenario: Install Manjaro (it is even available with Cinnamon desktop!) and become a ArchLinux freak.

But don’t become lame Ubuntu users who don’t even know how many much better systems they could rock instead of the same old same old Ubu crap.



  1. For the past two weeks humble me has been checking out mainly ‘portable’ type of Distros, but also some of those are “Desktop” rated … just hard to find a ‘Portable & Rescue’ Distro that can actually replace BionicPup. Here’s list since 2/7/20: MX-19.1_ahs_x64 (downloaded yesterday), antiX-19.1_x64-core, antiX-19.1_x64-full, BionicDog64-Cinnamon-ETP_2018-08-27 (*FAST*), easy-2.2-amd64.img.gz, LxPupSc-20.01+2-T-k64, Peppermint-10-20191210-amd64, ReactOS-0.4.12-Live.iso, sparkylinux-2020.02-x86_64-xfce

    Just a basic check of MX-19.1 yesterday…has a slight graphic ‘twitch’ on the Ryzen 3400G (Apevia computer) – probably clear up after test install & a update…not serious, but surprising since I downloaded the MX-19.1 x64 ahs iso (“Advanced Hardware Stack for very recent hardware”) hoping to avoid MS’s normal glitches. More to a stable Distro than the latest Kernel and/or ‘Stacks’ loaded with new stuff…apparently. Still, their Developers seem to listen, and work hard at improving MX. 3 of the other listed iso’s above were more stable, graphically speaking, IMHO.

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    • Good to know, Karmi. And sorry to hear you suffered graphic glitches. And wtf is a Rescue distro? Also why advanced hardware stack? Is that needed for AMD chips or what? And isn’t the latest hardware always covered by the latest kernel anyway?
      All this doesn’t even touch the average Linux housewife since we’re operating on hardware only a tad younger than the Rolling Stones. 🙂
      Did you know when God created the universe and mumbled something about Let There Be Light, Keith Richards was already there, using the first light to lit up a blunt.

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      • Went to do a review of MX 19.1 today – even downloaded their standard x64 iso version this morning to test against their new “Advanced Hardware Stack for very recent hardware” ahs_x64 iso version. The standard ‘Live’ version couldn’t recognize the Ryzen APU so it defaulted to a blank diarrhea pea-green blank screen. The ‘Live’ advanced stack ‘tHiNgIe’ booted slow but fine…just some weird psychedelic graphics going on around everything as you point on it and/or as it opened (would clear quickly, but next point or opening had same glitchy stuff…worked fine on Intel stuff). Thought maybe a install to a test SSD and then update it would clear things up…it didn’t, and I’m not about to waste time trying to find a driver for it. That’s all the “review” it’ll get for this MX 19.1 version. DistroWatch isn’t reliable for actual rankings, but it offers great news and some really good search options, etc. I check’em everyday.

        ‘Portable & Rescue’ – well, for portable, I like to carry a fully installed Distro on a USB around in my pocket (one-pocket cotton loincloth for summer or the one-pocket wool loincloth for winter) in case the Germans start another World War. The rescue part is to “repair un-bootable or otherwise damaged computer systems after a system crash” (yes, Linux needs repaired more often than admitted to) … I’ve used a Puppy Linux version for such portability (easy to pull USB from one computer and plug it into another and then another, etc for whatever, e.g. Germans decide to help Iran attack America).

        Example of a “rescue” would be some months ago, whilst testing a Distro, I couldn’t get the test pics and installation process pics to transfer over to a USB that would be used later in creating a blog post…as you know, a lot of work can go into getting the right pics for a blog post review, and this Distro wasn’t even able to open the pics…wouldn’t even allow them to be transferred. Kept giving a can’t open type of message…I could see the file and the pics location, but couldn’t open or move them. BionicPup to the rescue! BionicPup doesn’t care what the other Linux Distro is programmed to do…BionicPup doesn’t care how secure that other Linux Distro ‘tHiNkS’ it is. I tell BionicPup to get something or fix something or kill something then BionicPup moves rapidly & completes the assigned task. I’ve used a version of Puppy Linux since…since…since, well since soon after it came out (2003-5??), and find that BionicPup is the best version yet. Say someone was cleaning their motherboard, you know, washing and waxing it … taking a q-tip with some alcohol on it for those hard to get at cracks, and they accidentally destroy that poor dirty motherboard. BionicPup could be used to get the data, check the OS…well, not on that same fried motherboard tho. 😉 Oh, Puppy can even wipe files that Windows can’t or won’t do…

        You should study on what the kernel is actually capable of, and what is needed by a Distro’s developer/s to get that kernel (newest or old one) to work with USB docks, printers, scanners, routers, cpu’s, apu’s, graphic cards, etc. Hardware recognition is still a major problem with most Linux Distros. Heck, MX 19.1 even added a “Advanced Hardware Stack for very recent hardware” and it has problems still with my Ryzen (launched 7/7/2019 – which is old!!). GEEZ! Sorry for the length here…

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        • ““Advanced Hardware Stack for very recent hardware” ahs_x64 iso version. The standard ‘Live’ version couldn’t recognize the Ryzen APU”
          Okey, that answers my question. MX is dead for me.

          “(one-pocket cotton loincloth for summer or the one-pocket wool loincloth for winter)”
          I have a summer and a winter bikini but I only carry a Archman.iso with me + external hard drive for my backup data … and set up completely new after I broke my system. Never actually repaired anything.Too much hassle for me.

          “in case the Germans start another World War.”
          If they did it would be as junior-junior partners in a concerted NATO bully action, following orders from Washington. In any way, they hired McKinsey a couple years back to streamline management and save money. Now McKInsey got all the money and our Bundeswehr can’t even get a plane in the air. :/

          “they accidentally destroy that poor dirty motherboard.”
          As I just did a while ago on MiniMe, the mini Lenovo. But not even the cleverestest rescue system woulda helped me there. PC just didn’t boot anymore … and the special proprietary mobo ain’t to be found anywhere. 😦

          “You should study on what the kernel is actually capable of”
          Thanks, but no thanks. Shit either worx or it don’t. As you always say there are 23 million distros out there (roundabout) and this is anno domini 2020. One distro falling thru … doesn’t matter. Plenty more waiting in line to take over.

          “GEEZ! Sorry for the length here…”
          Only shows how involved and engaged you are and how much you care. All good, Karmi, all good!

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  2. After ten years of distrohopping, I prefer stability to eye-candy, that’s why I use MX as my second distro. My first distro (BunsenLabs) is also based on Debian stable, but it’s faster, lightweight and more customizable.

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    • Eyecandy is the least of my concerns but I’ve kinda learned to hate Xfce with a passion. It’s clunky, unfriendly and illogical. Apart from that MX is ok. Nothing to write home about but ok. I just wonder how such an average boring distro landed on #1.
      Oh Bunsen Labs. Must have been at least 5 years since I tested it. Was obviously not too impressed by it.
      I was never a real distrohopper, went straight from my first Linux ever, Mint, to Manjaro and since then it’s only Arch distros and Mate for me.
      Of course I’ve tested all kinds of distros, but never used them as daily riders.


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