They’re Onto Me! :o

Hai lovely peepel.

Your little darling Orcsipoopsie is afraid, so very afraid. 😦 Wanna know why? Read …

Fukn copyright mafia. 😦

South Africa, of all places. South Africa with its maybe 40 million inhabitants, of which maybe 3% have internet access, of who another 1% knows enough about tech to even be able to piratize anything … and the US wants to put trade sanctions on us?

Say what?

Honoured American frenemies, South Africans are stupid alright, but not entirely as stupid as the Europeans. They haven’t laid all their eggs into only one basket but they were shopping around  and are using their great Chinese connections to the fullest. So they aren’t as easily scared and bulied as the fukn €urotrash. And as they are having plans for a big countrywide 5G “rollout” with a project leading Zimbabwean partner (yes, that totally broke and broken Zimbabwe, the South African Mexico, alright), probably using Huawei tech, as they don’t give a fuk about your trade wars, they won’t restrict free access to all the interwebz of their clients and customers.

And anyway, 5G clients are mobile clients no? Android smartphone users – hardly iOS, coz too stupid and restrictive and expensive – pupils, younglings, pretty girls, housewives, McDonald’s customers, people too poor to afford real computers or know the first thing about piracy. So the handful of real computer users, of real pirates, aren’t worthwhile to even think about. And their numbers are shrinking daily, same as the computer market shrinks.

Oldfashioned Orcsi, as a real desktop computer user, will have her landline telephone service soon forcefully be replaced by a 3G countrywide rollout. Telkom does it to prevent copper wire theft and replace our old phones with cellphones, which will then gradually be upgraded to 5G I guess. So our landline phone will not just work inside the house and garden but inside a 200 KM diameter, which means we won’t need any real cellphone anymore. And the strictly hypothetical (!) piracy matter Orca has going on won’t even be affected by 5G restrictions … since she’s on fukn fibre-optics. 🙂

From Yzerfontein in the north to Hermanus in the South: All covered by our landline telephone number. 🙂

Uhm, just saying that happens when a gov’mt does work FOR the people, not AGAINST them as they do in USA/EU.


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