Real Life

… again kinda prevents me from blogging. 😦


Oubaas’ leaky radiator on the scrapheap, Orca out of a functional vehicle. :/
At least I was brought home in style. Camaro I guess.
Now relax and pray with me: “Om Mani Padme Hum”. And maybe, hopefully the repair will be finished today and won’t be too expensive. Cool thing to have the correct desktop wallpaper for every occasion. 🙂



    • No plastic at this old Frankenstein. But nobody knows from what car this radiator stems from. Mechanic told me it’s not the one for my Ford Essex V6 3l engine. Maybe from the original Transit engine? Anyway, it’s neither leaking from top- nor bottom covers, but kinda somehwere in the middle. Anyway got a new old radiator, off some Dodge or so, in since Friday already, which will be fitted perfectly today. And possibly new head gasket as well.


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