My Hate for Apple …

Macs the victims of malware? No, really?

… is well-founded and absolutely reasonable. Hey Mac users, your assumed protection from viruses and malware isn’t based in MacOS’s cleverness but only because Macs are only far and between and made no worthwhile target for malware spammers. But now that the whole Windows world fell already completely – without much of resistance – they obviously needed a new group of hapless idiots to infect. And Apple users are well-known for their techy ineptness. Soooo … BINGO!

And please don’t say “Linux will be next!”

No, it won’t!

Linux users are everything but mostly they are not totally doofuses. They care about the health of their systems and won’t allow any shitty shit entering their computers. And even when it happens, Linux won’t install malware automatically to the hardware but only with express permission by the Super User – sudo – so you already need some clue about stuff n things before any malware can work its magic on a Linux powered machine.

In order for malware to even get onto your Linux machine you must be in full possession of your mental capabilities!


Step away from Apple Macs you fools! Try to focus for a second – I know you can do that, even if Apple doesn’t want you to – and do this:

You don’t have to brick your sweet MacBook Pro or iMac or whatever you got there! That’s cool, no? Because without MacOS these things are just normal computers. So normal rules apply and you can install Windows (baaah!) or Linux (yay!) on your fancy schmancy Apple machine  and make it better than it ever was before!

Sounds good?

Yep, let’s do this!

Just do what auntie Orcsi tellered you a couple days ago and you’re golden!

Orca’s very own computer is protected by the power of Linux! (and some fukn samurai).




    • Ok, let’s do this in Englisch, Jürgen. 😉

      Of course MacOS is perfect for you, you’re a professional creative, a photographer, a photo editor. All those things have always been Mackintosh’s strong suit. Your Mac was made with you in mind! Back when you started there was obviously not a single photog without his or her Mac. Back in the 90s Apple wasn’t as pretentious as they are nowadays, they just made perfect and stylish machines for the job. For a little while I even had an iMac myself. It was a nifty thing.
      But I honestly can’t recommend any Apple machine for anyone starting out today. Time didn’t stand still, you know. Windows and particularly Linux have come a long way and are by now every bit as good, or even better, as MacOS for creative users.

      PS: People, go check Jürgen’s very professional photoblog:
      I wish I had a quarter of his optical sense and talent.

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